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Stress a very important factor of every human being. Right now everyone is taking stress of one or the other thing. Even the kids are now having so much of stress in their life that we can’t even imagine the kids who are the future of our country are right now in the stress of life.

Stress for Kids

You must be thinking how a kid can have stress in their life, they don’t even have the challenges of life yet to face, so how can he or she can be stressed out? Well we don’t know what kind of mentality the kids are going on right now because the competition for the kids are also has increased very much.

We can’t even see that the kids are also running in a race to compete from each other. They are going to several classes just to make sure that they do not leave behind with any particular thing and their friends get a head start from them well it is not a feeling of jealousy but it is a feeling of competition and once a kid comes into this category he is getting stressed by it.

Stress to House Wife

Most of the men think that woman’s do not have stress because they have to stay back at home and just look after the house but the job of a house wife is never an easy job. Have we ever admire when we come back from office to home everything is perfectly set and all the needs and requirements are given in our hands, the food is ready to eat, the clothes are washed and dried done a very good evening and even taking care of our parents and child.

This is a housewife and her work schedule is so hectic that we cannot even imagine how hard work and how much of stress does a housewife has in her mind.

Stress for a Youngster

Nowadays we think that the youngsters do not have any problem they are just wasting their parent’s money and having fun in life but it’s not so true. The youngsters nowadays are very well aware of their responsibilities and to fulfil that responsibilities they need to make sure that they are capable of it so they study hard and even if they need something they can even work at any place just to earn for the thing which they want.

They always try to make sure that they are a support to their family but it takes time and money to become the perfect person which we admire. So never lose the hope that we are not worthy of it, it’s just a phase of time you will be fulfilling your dreams one day and that day everyone will be giving your examples that how hard-working person you were, they will keep you as a mentor for them self because everyone salutes the person who is rising so never make yourself so stressful that you take any kind of wrong decisions.

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