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Childhood is the most beautiful moment of human life, nothing to worry nor any responsibilities. Just be lost all the time, playing and studying. But it is not necessary for everyone to have such a childhood.

Everyone is well aware of the problem of child labor. Any child who is under 14 years of age and works for a living is called a child laborer.

The Fact Of Child Labor

Due to poverty, helplessness, and harassment of parents, children continue to sink into this morass of child labor. Today there are more than 200 million children worldwide who are under 14 years of age and are child laborers.

And the time of these children does not pass between books and friends in school but among working in hotels, houses, industries, utensils, brooms, and tools. This situation has become very frightening in India. India has the largest number of child laborers in the world.

Why Do Children Need To Work?

  • The main reason is poverty, poor parents send their children to work in households and shops.
  • The shopkeepers and small traders also make children work rather than older people because they only need to pay half the price to them because they are children.
  • At present, due to low financial conditions in many places in India, parents sell their children for a small amount of money to contractors who put them to work in hotels, bars and other factories, etc. at their convenience. And the owners of the same hotels and factories make the children do some arbitrary work by giving them a little food.
  • Many times children are also subjected to sexual abuse while doing labor.
  • Working in hazardous industries children has to face serious diseases like cancer and TB etc.
  • Children work hard without any greed.

How To Stop Child Labor

Strict Law Should Be Made

To stop child labor there should be strong and stringent laws, so that shopkeepers, mill owners who work with children under the guise of cheap wages, can be punished so that they cannot get the child laborer to work. And even parents should be punished who send their innocent children to work.

Make People Aware

One more way to stop child labor is to promote the spread of education because the illiterate person does not understand child labor. If education is promoted, child labor will be banned and people will be aware of child labor.

Poor parents should also pay full attention to their children’s education because today the government is also providing facilities like free education, food, and medicines in some schools.

Eliminate Unemployment

To stop child labor is to eliminate or curb unemployment. Because of unemployment, people are unable to afford their family, due to which they get their children to do child labor.  If unemployment is over, people will send their children to read and write in school and their childhood will be happy.

Poverty Should Be Reduced

To stop child labor poverty has to be reduced first, because the main reason of child labor is poverty, so poverty has to be eliminated so that the poor people will not send their children to work.

The Conclusion

Child labor is a stigma imposed on society, which can be overcome by every person in the society coming forward against it. Don’t forget that child labor not only spoils the lives of children but also tarnishes the country’s image.

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Updated: March 9, 2020 — 11:13 am

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