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Stephen Hawking was the first person who developed the theory to understand the universe. He has also contributed to many campaigns globally. Stephen William Hawking is a world-renowned man.

He also has made an important contribution in explaining Black Hole and Big Theory. Their radiation is also called Hawking radiation.

Early Life

Stephen was a sharp-witted boy. He used to do many scientific experiments with broken parts in childhood, like breaking the clock and fixing it, but Stephen’s father wanted his boy to become a doctor. Later at the age of 17, Stephen was enrolled at Oxford University.

At Oxford University, he earned a first-class degree in BA Honours. Stephen Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 in Oxford, England. His father’s name was Frank and mother’s name Isobel, his mother was Scottish.

He Became The Victim Of A Disease

When Stephen was 21 years of age, he became a victim of a terrible disease called neuron motor disease, It was a fatal disease that caused all the body parts to work slowly and stopped the body parts from working.

And there was no cure for this disease. Stephan was slowly becoming obsessed with his illness and became dependent on the wheelchair. Due to this disease, he also had difficulty in speaking.

This is why they used speech-generating devices. After a few years, he could only move his few fingers of his hand but the good thing was, he was mentally stable and healthy.

His Married Life

Stephen married Jane Wilde in 1974, Jane gave birth to three children, but they divorced in 1995, and Stephen remarried to Ellen Mason.

His Work

Stephen wanted to do something for the world, so he spent much of his time experimenting with science, coming out of the despair of disease. He was a great scientist. Stephen spent much of his time searching the Black Holes and the Space Times literature.

In 1998, Stephen published a book called “A Brief History of Time” in which the universe was published in a simple way, out of which the meaning of black hole and the explosion of supermassive were explained in simple terms.

The life of Stephen Hawking, who made his significant contribution in the field of science, is quite inspiring, he made his disease his greatest weapon and proved to the world that when any work is done with all truth and hard work then no one in the world Nothing can stop you from achieving success.

Honored For His Great Work

Stephen was honored by the citizen for his great works, He has a film named “The Theory of Everything” has been made on his life. In spite of such a terrible disease, Stephen did not give up courage.

He continued in his works and made many important discoveries related to the universe, which was a mystery to the world.


I want to live more now-This statement is not of anyone else but of Stephen Hawking, one of the world’s greatest scientists. What he said on his birthday, which the world was astonished to hear. This great scientist left this world on 14 March 2018.

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