Essay on Srinivasa Ramanujan in English for Students & Children of All Classes

Hey there, young explorers! Let’s dive into the world of numbers and shapes with a special person named Srinivasa Ramanujan. He was a genius who loved playing with math and made amazing discoveries. 

Just like how you solve puzzles and play games, Ramanujan had a magical way of solving math puzzles. Let’s learn about this incredible person who showed us that math can be super fun and full of surprises!

Early Life and Education

4.1 Early Life and Education

Srinivasa Ramanujan’s early life was marked by his remarkable fascination with numbers and patterns. Born in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India, in 1887, he displayed an unusual curiosity for mathematics from a very young age. Unlike other children, Ramanujan didn’t attend regular schools. Instead, he explored the world of numbers through his self-guided learning and the help of books he could find.

Growing up in a modest family, Ramanujan had limited access to formal education. However, his passion for mathematics was boundless. He spent countless hours studying, solving problems, and discovering intricate mathematical relationships. His notebooks were filled with formulas, equations, and theorems that he had derived independently.

Despite his lack of formal training, Ramanujan’s deep understanding of mathematics and his knack for solving complex problems began to attract attention. His unique approach to mathematical concepts set him apart, showcasing a natural talent that went beyond traditional learning methods. 

His self-driven education and relentless exploration of mathematical ideas laid the foundation for his future accomplishments, shaping him into one of the most brilliant mathematicians the world has ever known.

Mathematical Discoveries and Contributions

Srinivasa Ramanujan’s mathematical journey was like discovering hidden treasures. Despite limited schooling, he made astonishing discoveries in math. He found unique ways to represent numbers, worked with prime numbers and infinite series, and introduced new concepts like “mock theta functions.” 

His ideas often surprised experts and later proved true. Ramanujan’s work inspired mathematicians to explore new paths and expand their knowledge. His legacy reminds us that passion and curiosity can lead to extraordinary contributions shaping the mathematics world.

Recognition and Challenges Faced

4.2 Recognition and Challenges Faced

Srinivasa Ramanujan’s brilliant mathematical work caught the attention of scholars and mathematicians worldwide. His discoveries were like shining stars in the sky of mathematics, but his journey wasn’t without challenges.

Ramanujan’s ideas were so unique that some experts initially needed help understanding them. It was like speaking a different language in the world of math. But with the help of supportive mathematicians like G.H. Hardy, his work began to get the recognition it deserved.

Despite the recognition, Ramanujan faced health issues in a different country. The climate was different from his homeland, and he fell ill. This was a tough time for him, and he struggled with his health.

Yet, Ramanujan’s determination and passion for math never wavered. Even in the face of challenges, he continued to explore and contribute to the world of mathematics, leaving a lasting impact that continues to inspire mathematicians and students alike.

Legacy and Lasting Impact

Srinivasa Ramanujan’s math ideas were like magic spells that still amaze us. Even though some people didn’t understand his ideas initially, he got help from a friend who believed in him. Ramanujan’s work changed how people see math and helped other math wizards find new paths. 

His ideas are like bright stars in the math sky, guiding us even today. Though he faced health troubles, Ramanujan’s love for math never stopped. His legacy is a treasure chest of inspiration for all curious minds, showing us that exploring, learning, and never giving up can make the world more wonderful.

Ramanujan’s Influence on Different Fields

4.3 Ramanujans Influence on Different Fields

Srinivasa Ramanujan’s influence wasn’t limited to math; it spread like ripples in a pond, touching various fields.

  • Mathematics: Ramanujan’s impact on math was enormous. His discoveries opened doors to new areas of study. Mathematicians worldwide. Were inspired by his work, and his ideas continue to shape modern math.
  • Number Theory: Ramanujan’s unique formulas and theorems changed how people looked at numbers. His insights into prime numbers and partition theory still guide research today.
  • Physics: Surprisingly, Ramanujan’s work also influenced physics. His ideas on mock theta functions have found connections in string theory, a modern area of physics.
  • Computer Science: His formulas have practical uses in computer algorithms. They help computers perform complex tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Art and Culture: Ramanujan’s story of a self-taught genius resonates with people worldwide. His life has been celebrated in literature, movies, and art, inspiring future generations to explore their passions.

In every field, Ramanujan’s legacy reminds us that passion, curiosity, and unconventional thinking can lead to remarkable discoveries that shape the world in unexpected ways.

Promoting Mathematical Education and Discovery

4.4 Promoting Mathematical Education and Discovery

Srinivasa Ramanujan’s legacy extends beyond his mathematical achievements; it’s a call to promote mathematical education and exploration.

  • Education: Ramanujan’s journey emphasises the importance of nurturing young minds. Encouraging math education from an early age can help identify and support budding geniuses.
  • Curiosity: Ramanujan’s unending curiosity reminds us that asking questions and exploring ideas can lead to amazing discoveries. Encouraging curiosity in students can spark a passion for learning.
  • Diversity: Ramanujan’s story highlights that talent knows no boundaries. Promoting diversity and inclusion in mathematics can uncover hidden talents from all walks of life.
  • Mentorship: Just as Hardy mentored Ramanujan, mentorship can guide young minds in their pursuit of knowledge. Connecting students with experts fosters growth and innovation.
  • Resources: Providing access to math resources, books, and tools can empower students to explore and learn independently, just like Ramanujan did.
  • Inspiration: Sharing stories of Ramanujan’s determination and achievements can inspire students to overcome challenges and pursue their passions.

Ramanujan’s legacy is a reminder that every curious mind has the potential to make a difference. By promoting mathematical education, nurturing curiosity, and offering support, we can pave the way for future generations of mathematicians and thinkers to contribute to the world in extraordinary ways.

Reflection on Ramanujan’s Challenges

Ramanujan’s life teaches us that challenges are like tricky puzzles in math. Even though he faced hard times and health troubles, he never gave up on his love for numbers. Just like solving a tough game level, he kept trying. 

His determination and passion remind us that even when things are tough, we can keep going with a smile. Ramanujan shows us that challenges are part of the adventure, and we can turn them into stepping stones towards success with courage.

Relationship with G.H. Hardy

4.5 Relationship with G.H. Hardy

Srinivasa Ramanujan had a special friend named G.H. Hardy. They were like a math team that worked together on exciting puzzles. Hardy was a famous mathematician from England who saw the magic in Ramanujan’s math. He believed in Ramanujan’s ideas, even when others didn’t understand them.

Hardy invited Ramanujan to England, where they solved math mysteries together. They talked about numbers, shapes, and equations like friends chatting about games. Hardy helped Ramanujan’s ideas reach the world, and Ramanujan’s passion inspired Hardy.

Their friendship was like a key to a treasure chest of math wonders. Ramanujan and Hardy showed that when friends believe in each other’s talents, they can achieve amazing things. Their story reminds us that friendship and teamwork can make even the hardest problems fun to solve.

Death and Legacy

After making many amazing math discoveries, Srinivasa Ramanujan got sick and had to leave this world at a young age. But his math ideas didn’t leave with him. They stayed behind like a treasure for others to explore. Ramanujan’s work made math exciting and helped people understand numbers better. 

His notebooks were like magic books full of math spells. Today, mathematicians still study their ideas and learn from them. Ramanujan’s legacy is like a shining star in the sky of math. His story teaches us that passion and curiosity can leave a mark that lasts forever, inspiring everyone to keep exploring and learning.


So, young explorer Srinivasa Ramanujan’s life was like a wonderful math adventure. He showed us that even without fancy schools, anyone can do amazing things with curiosity and a love for learning. Just like solving puzzles, Ramanujan solved math mysteries that still amaze us. 

His friendship with G.H. Hardy and his passion for numbers remind us that we can achieve incredible feats when we believe in ourselves and work together. Ramanujan’s legacy shines bright, guiding us never to stop asking questions, exploring, and using our imaginations to discover the magical world of math.


Q: Did Ramanujan know infinity?

A: Yes, Ramanujan had insights into infinity and made discoveries in math involving infinite series.

Q: What did Ramanujan do in math?

A: Ramanujan made groundbreaking discoveries in number theory, infinite series, and many other areas of mathematics.

Q: Who is the father of mathematics?

A: Ancient mathematicians like Euclid and Pythagoras contributed to math’s foundation.

Q: Who invented Ramanujan math?

A: Ramanujan developed his math ideas and theories through exploration and curiosity.

Q: Why was Ramanujan a genius?

A: Ramanujan’s unique insights and discoveries in math, often ahead of his time, showed his exceptional talent.

Q: Who discovered zero?

A: Zero was developed by ancient civilisations like the Babylonians and Indians.

Q: What is Ramanujan’s number theory?

A: Ramanujan made significant contributions to number theory, studying patterns and properties of numbers.

Q: What is the magic square of Ramanujan?

A: Ramanujan discovered a special 4×4 magic square with distinct properties in mathematics.

Q: Why is Ramanujan unique?

A: Ramanujan’s ability to uncover complex mathematical truths without formal training makes him extraordinary.

Q: Who is the father of infinity?

A: Infinity has deep historical roots, with various thinkers contributing to its development.

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