Essay On Space Exploration For Students & Children In Simple English

Space exploration is said as the exploring of celestial structure in our outer spaces and discovers many things in the space Technology. This exploration of the space is mostly done and carried out by the astronomers with the help of telescopes. The observation of the object in space is known as the astronomy.

Space exploration is mostly done by the astronomers to tell the humans about the outer space and to get the interest among the people to learn of this things and to know what are the things that are being present in our outer space.

Many Rockets are been sent into the space to explore the area and In the year 1957 artificial satellite was launched named as Sputnik 1 this started the space Research and later the astronauts from America started to visit in Moon in the project of Apollo.

The first space exploration

The astronomers has send many space proverbs that have gone to various planets and also the other places in our solar system to get information about them as people were planning to launch the rocket into the moon they were not totally prepared of the effects of the moon and also the microgravity that would be present there so for the space exploration they sent an animal instead of going humans and check the area and after that in the year 1961 Astronaut Yuri Gagarin was the first human to go into the space.

From the past years many scientist and great reformers study the outer spaces and want to know about the things in the outer space and it has been from the past as Galileo invented the telescope through which he can see the things in the outer space and from then the telescope is used to see in the outer space and many people try to get some things about the places in that area.

Through the help of science and the technology, many spacecraft and the Rockets are been developed for the astronomers to travel in space and the NASA is working in it for the establishment of the Rockets to visit the space.

Many space missions from the past are being not able to be successful but the NASA research center are been trying to get is perfect. Astronauts from all over the world are planning to found a life in the planet Mars and that is why they are been researching on it.

Future of Space Exploration

The mission of this space exploration is been scheduled to occur in the future mostly in the year 2020 by the NASA is being planned to go in mars and to explore it. If this mission could get in work our scientist would be able to find out some things on the planet of Mars and they could be able to find a life existence in the other planet like our Earth. Our scientist is been working from the past for this mission and this mission is the great mission that will get happen in the future.

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