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By capturing the heat and light from the sun solar energy is obtained. Solar energy referred to the energy which we get from the sun. To utilize this abundant source, technology has provided a number of source/ ways.

There Are Classification Of Solar Energy 

There are two types of solar energy they are as follows:

Active Solar 

The use of a photovoltaic system, solar water heating and concentrated the solar power all these include in Active solar techniques. Such activities like drying clothes warming of air the active solar are directly consumed this all activities.

Passive Solar 

The technique of passive solar includes a building which oriented to the sun, with the favorable thermal mass selecting the material and also the light- dispersing properties, and designed the spaces which naturally circulate air.

Solar Energy Conversion 

By capturing this energy is obtained and also the light from the sun. By using a semiconductor material this energy is achieved.

Srecs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits)

Alternatively, SRECs i.e. solar renewable energy credits allow setting the price of the solar generated the electricity subsidy for the market mechanism.

In this energy, the consumption is set or renewable energy and also to purchase renewable energy or a fine, the utility is obliged. For an SREC the producer is credited with electricity produced for every 1000 kWh.

Across the countries, which includes China, Australia, Japan, United States, Germany, and also with across the states within the US for financial incentives for the photovoltaic.

The fit was over 3* the retail price or for the industrial price 8* at the outset. Behind the German system, the principle is a 20- year’s contract of a flat rate.

Impact On Environment 

There is the various impact of environment of solar energy. During the operation solar power does not result for any harmful emissions unlike the fossil fuels based on technologies, but some amount of pollution is resulted by the production of the panels.

Payback Of Energy 

The EPBT i.e. the Energy Payback Time of a power generating system, during the lifetime operation of the system and at the time of production, it is required to generate much energy which too is consumed.

Using The Water  

Among the lowest water consumption per unit of electricity i.e. Photovoltaic and also the with the highest water consumption of power plants along with this the solar power includes the plants.

For the operation, photovoltaic plants used the little water. During the operation only the wind power which essential consumes the no water has a very lower intensity of water consumption.

Gases Of Greenhouse 

The emission of solar power is in the range of 22 to 46 gram for the per kilowatt- hour (kWh) of the life – cycle greenhouse gases.

From the renewable resources and national usage of electricity peaks for which the country already has been generated around 80 percent of its electricity on a winter afternoon whereas on a summer afternoon the solar generation peaks on it.

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