Social Networking Advantage And Disadvantages

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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. There are countless applications and social networks, both for adults and young people. Social networks have different functions, different platforms and are aimed at a specific public that is very active on the Internet and interested in keeping in touch with many people or making themselves public.

Advantages Of Social Networks

We always insist on the bad habits that are acquired in social networks, but not everything is bad or take us to the path of perdition.

Global Connectivity

These portals allow us to connect with those friends or family with whom we have long lost contact. If we are going to live a season away, it becomes an essential tool.

Virtual Groups

It is one of the great bonuses. The groups, of any type, allow to exchange impressions and/or resolve existing doubts. In part, they have replaced Internet forums.

Instant Messaging

Not long ago people had only two means of communication: physical letter or cable phone, which did not always offer good service. Thanks to the social networks chat we can communicate with whoever we want in real time.

Additional Information

It is an effective alternative against conventional media that until recently monopolized the sector. Now it is much easier to find other sources of information.


Infojobs, Jobtalent or LinkedIn are the most used portals to find a job. The current difficulties in finding employment have turned these social networks into real showcases to make our professional skills known.

Exchange Of Skills

Learning languages, teaching a trade in exchange for another or sharing hobbies is another characteristic that has allowed a new way of relating socially.


Social networks are probably the most transparent and universal means of communication of all since there are no social or cultural barriers that prevent their use.

Power activism

Nowadays, corruption, crimes or some social inequalities come to light thanks to the collective denunciation that campaigns can be made on Facebook or Twitter. One of the advantages of social networks with a greater impact on the political landscape.



Surely it is the first concern you have as a user. Being so exposed, we do not know where the limit is in our privacy.


It is related to point number 1. We must be very careful with the information we share (banking data, locations) and try to change the password of the account periodically to prevent identity theft, among others.

Loving Break

Mismanagement of social networks with a partner can cause serious problems in the relationship. Jealousy, mobile phone addiction, anxiety when exposed to the other person’s publications.

Abusing The Use

Many users are addicted to its use, people who have come to need professional treatment to control their impulses to be permanently connected.

Virtual Bullying

Adolescents are the easy target to fall into this social phenomenon. By owning mobile devices very soon, this can cause children to make bad contacts or to share compromising information to humiliate others.


Unfortunately, the ease of sharing photos and videos are advantages that criminal organizations take advantage of in order to weave a network of videos and photos of a sexual nature.

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