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Social Network creates a virtual world through the Internet which the user can access using any social media platform, a social network are a website that brings people together to talk, or makes new friends, shares ideas.

Importance Of Social Network

In today’s world, social networking has become an important part of life, Social network has many features, such as providing information, entertaining and making new friends.

The social network has now become the largest medium of communication and has to be popular among everyone. Social network helps you to do whatever you want, like share massages, ideas, spread news, information, etc.

In the last few years, the usage of social networks has increased unexpectedly and it has brought together millions of users from all over the world.

Why Do People Use Social Networks?

Social networks help to keep people connected with their loved ones. The social network also helps you to do interesting things on the Internet.

Today the social network is most popular among youth. Along with youth, children, corporate people, celebrities, many companies have become part of it. Now the web world cannot be imagined without a social networking site.

Famous Social Network Sites


Facebook is major using a social site which keeps the entire youth busy 

It connects people across the world with 2.23 billion monthly active users, it is an easy site for chatting, sharing media, creating groups and making new friends.

People express their views and feelings through posting different posts, status & messages on the app. Facebook is mostly used for creating new pages to promote businesses, companies, products, movies, etc. It has proved to be the best site for any person who wants to socialize and globalize.


This app is found in almost every mobile phone in today’s life. It is owned by Facebook, it has become a part of every individual life to check out Whatsapp daily. 

With chatting this app has features like video calling, status posting which lasts for 24 hours, group chatting and you can also update your profile picture daily.


The most trending social media app these days, Instagram has 1 billion active users. Even this app is taken over by Facebook now. In this app, people post their daily fun activities images, videos, etc.

Even celebrities are obsessed with this social networking app and they allow their fans to follow them on Instagram and have a peep into their lives.


Youtube is a social video platform. Youtube is the site to watch anything. It has shows, movies, interviews, talk shows, and whatnot. One can create a Youtube channel of their own and post videos.

There are many other social network sites which are been used daily such as twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, skype, etc.

Disadvantages Of Social Networking

Social networking can also make you mentally and emotionally disturbed.

Social networking is a type of addiction. Spending time on social networking sites has become part of your life you have started giving it so much importance that you have forgotten other important things of your life.

Many times your data and photos are stolen from social networking sites which can be used for wrongdoings. Keep security guards on your profile picture, do not share your phone numbers on the sites. Do not easily share about yourself with unknown friends.


Social networking sites have made today’s life very fast.

Updated: March 12, 2020 — 12:08 pm

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