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 Mobile phones are a wonderful invention of science that has changed the entire world map, due to this, the way people understand the thinking has changed. Everyone in the world nowadays has a mobile, and currently, the mobile phone has been looked at a smartphone, which has also started to be called a mini computer.

Because all the functions that a computer does can be done in the Smartphone. Every area has changed due to a mobile phone, whether it is the area of business, science or agriculture sector. Due to the invention of mobile, people can walk around in any area of the world while traveling or they can also see each other by making a video call.

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The message that used to take over the week was more than a week; nowadays, those messages arrive from one place to another in a few minutes, all this has been possible only due to mobile phones. The revolutionary changes have come in the world due to the mobile phone, but it has also brought many side effects with it.

Because of which all people are currently suffering from this loss, we will now discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.


With mobile phones, we can talk to any person in the world without him.

Mobile phones can be used as a calculator in the business.

Mobile phones can also create photos and videos.

We can use the internet which we can see and read all the information available on the Internet.

Mobile Phone performs almost all the work done on the computer.

The mobile phone is a very small device that comes easily in our pocket, due to which we can use it anywhere.

With this help, you can create new friends on the internet as well as stay connected with your friends and acquaintances as we can give information about every moment to all people together.


With much use of mobile phones, the eyes begin to weaken, causing fewer problems in the future.

Due to excessive use of Mobile Phone, the mind does not feel in work and often wanders the focus.

The use of smartphones has a very bad effect on students because the student plays music and games for the entire day in this way, which repeatedly gets his attention towards the smartphone.

Nowadays, most people keep checking their mobile due to the addiction of Smartphone; it is a kind of disease that is increasing day by day.

Accidents have also started to occur due to mobile phones because people keep on talking about mobile while driving so that their attention is removed from the road and accident decreases.

Nowadays, most youths keep listening to music all day long due to which their power of hearing weakens.

The use of smartphones is a waste of time because people keep checking their phone to call someone when they call them, they keep using it for 10 to 15 minutes even after calling, which is a waste of time.

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