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The word secularism. Before understanding the meaning of the word secularism first let’s understand the literal meaning of word secular where the word secular means a kind of a state which absorbs and attitude of neutrality and impartiality towards all religions.

To understand this concept better let us see what are the type of countries and the type of government that we have as far as their religious attitudes.

Atheistic  Is a kind of quality where the state is anti-religious that it doesn’t like any religion and instead it oppresses it.

Then we have a theocratic state or theocratic kind of a government which is true religion that it is with one particular religion and hence declared one particular religion as a state religion for example we can have a Hinduism as a particular state religion of Islam as a state relation of Christianity opposite some organisms such kind of things can happen, so such kind of government which follows one particular legend of which promotes one particular religion is called as a theocratic state.

We have a secular state a secular state is a neutral kind of a government  to the state which is neutral in all matter of religion in his does not a fool any particular religion as a state religion as no official state religion is declared in such kind of qualities we have examples like USA and India which are totally secular in nature  lets have an watch on the Indian Constitution what’s the status of secularism in the constitution of India until 1976 there is  Constitutional Amendment there was no word as secular in the constitution of India only by this particular  Constitutional Amendment Act of 1976 that we have got this particular word secular in the Preamble of the constitution, however, the supreme court said in 1974 itself is 2 years before then that although the words like secular state or not expressly mentioned in the constitution of India so we’re talking for 1974 when this word was not there in the Preamble.

Secularism plays an important role in the peace of the nation as no interference in each other religious matters and religious problem.

According to a constitution, India is secular, but now also there are disputes among various religion. The most religious disputes between Hindu and Muslims are very often taking place.

The most important cause and for the need of secularism is its non-flexibility in economic standards of the people.

The people, in general, have different financial standards although India is regarded as a reputed country for its stability in the financial sector.

During the world crisis of financial deficit, it is India which has saved the world from a certain downfall. But inside India, people suffer due to factors like the black economy.

All the wealth of India deposited in one corner, and the people suffer from its scarcity at the other. Thus, to distribute it evenly and uniformly, a secular step should be taken to provide common standards to the people.

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