Essay On Secularism In India For Students & Children In Simple English

Define Caste Discrimination In India?

Throughout the world, there are various customs and religious practice we can never change it, as it was started from our great-grandparents period so today we are also following it with our respect.

But today there is some partiality based on the caste in the society; they regret the small caste people.

The caste system is the social form of the society means if your parents are poor then after your birth in this world you are also being to be poor that is the structure of these societies.

Now-a-day the poor are being poorer, and the rich are being richer, inequality is spread throughout the world, and the same is being taught to us, but we should always think about the right thing in the society.

Since the inequality is the core of the caste system, to make the world free from the caste system and be the secular country the young generation should not have to follow those all division. True the world will change.

What Are Secularisms?

Secularisms means there should not be any kind of discrimination based on caste, religion, color and many more.

But in short, this means that there should not be any kind of caste or religion discrimination based on any country.

Secularisms seek to ensure and protect the freedom of religious belief and practice for all citizens.

Being in one country there should not be any kind of religious problem as we all are the same. India has the vast population throughout the world near about 120 cores. The people of India never interfere in the government religions matter.

Importance Of Secularisms

Today the two achievements of independent India is remarkable that is the Secularisms and the democracy.

Our state being free from the religious matter can take the tolerant attitude towards free India and their people too since this all pursue the irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, color, etc.

Secular Society

In the modern economy, we generally recognize that we are free. Politician uses the religion matter during the election due to which the public has to face, many kinds of social problems.

They never think people should be safe they are only enriched by their election matter.

There is some of the responsibility of the people that they should think that they are not homogeneous, but they should be pure in their mind.

There should also be some common goal of the people to solve the problems of society, and it is the responsibility of all the people towards their society.

Always respect the small group people they are also the same as you only the difference is that they are of some small group, there should be the equality to all the people in the society, people should break down the barriers between the religious and the caste.

Challenges To Secularisms

As the secularisms is an ideal principle. But it is not easy to follow. Has India is failed to fulfill some of the regrets between the problems of religious discrimination.

Knowledge and Education have yet not been given the priority that it deserves.

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