Essay On Seasons Of India For Students & Children In Simple English

India’s Seasons 

There are various seasons only enjoyed in our country. Other than India we cannot enjoy the serial wise season in any other country.

The seasons on the north side of India and the south side of India are very different, but there are the seasons which are very common in the whole country they are as follows:

  • Rainy season
  • Summer season
  • Winter season
  • Spring season

Rainy Seasons

As we all are aware of the seasons but the rainy seasons has its enjoyable movement which can’t be expressed in the word. As the rainy seasons starts from June to September.

After the irritating month of the summer season, June month bring the drizzling and breezy rain which make the climate cool.

The June temperature in south India is 3° to 6c lower than the may temperature if there are any of the breaks than the temperature and the humidity rises.

North India has a low temperature or the pressure. The rain clouds form during the summer seasons as there are more humid create during the rainy season. The water of the lakes, river and the oceans get evaporated, and then they form the vapor and get collected to the clouds.

Then it rains. This is that season where the framers wait for it to grow their crops.

Summer Season

Summer is that season which is not almost like by everyone. But all the students wait for the summer seasons as they get the summer vacation from the school starts.

The summer season is the season where the plants and the animals are like to be the more graceful in plants.

The sun supplies some of the energy towards the plants to grow. During this season we should drink as much as water.

Animals reproduce, hunt, and then store energy for the cold season. Almost summer season is.

Winter season

Winter season is also one of the most important seasons in India. From October to January people enjoys the season of the winter, It is really helpful to our health many of the people go for a walk the climate is really chilly and also foggy we can enjoy the winter very cool.

We can work more during winter as there is no tireless feeling while doing the work outside. As the moist is created than after we can see dew drops in the plants which look like pearls.

The season is also very important to the farmer.

Spring Season

Spring season brings the new beginnings in the climate; plants get blooming, people is awaked, this season falls in March, April, and May.

In spring season the temperature becomes moderate and everywhere it is colorful there is all over happiness spread in the country.

Mostly many people do not enjoy the spring season due to the hotness of the climate but these is that season which cannot be enjoyed by the people, we never say that it is a spring season we say that it is a summer season.

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