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If we look at the surrounding, we can find that each and everything around us is connected to science. We cannot run away from the reality that science is everywhere, and we are surrounded by it. If we want to know about how much we are into science, just read the essay.

From the Morning

If we talk about the morning when we get up and turn off the alarm, this is the first thing which we see around us, and it is made up of science. Nowadays people do not use an alarm clock to get up they prefer to use a mobile phone alarm, mobile is an excellent example of science.

We use the mobile which is a part of science, and just after we get up then we go to take a shower you agree with me or not, but even the rain which you’re going to use is made with the help of science. Just by getting up in the morning, we have used two main vital things which we employ in the daily routine.

In-School Science

Now you must be thinking we are going to talk about the subject of science in the school, but we are not going to talk about the subject title, we are going to talk about the things which are used in the school and created by science. The most important thing which we see in the school is the speakers who help us to do many things in the school, for example, the morning prayer, a bell after every lecture all these things are done with the help of the speaker, which is a part of science.

Even in the schools nowadays you will see that the teacher is starting with audiovisual lectures which help the students to understand in a better way and also it is a way to make remember the things which were happened visually because teachers know that if a student learns something by watching that they can remember the better concept of it.

At-Home Use of Science

Now we will look at the things which we use in our daily routine in the house. We use to cook food in the microwave oven, and we use television for our entertainment, we use light and fan to make us relaxed and show everything clear in the house, we use the bell before anyone enters the house.

Nowadays even people have started putting a CCTV near to their main door so that in case any time anything went wrong, they can be informed as soon as possible this is the usage of science in our home.

Money Transfer

If we look at the past people, they used to face so many problems in doing money transfer because, at an earlier age, all the transactions were done manually. And the banks did not have so much technology which could help the average citizen, but after the science is introduced to the bank now, it is straightforward to transfer money from one place to another within seconds.

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