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Nowadays every human being gets entirely dependent on science. The invention of the various machine made our life so easy and accessible. It is indeed said that even a handicap person is not abnormal because of only modern technology.

Science took us to the place where we cannot reach actually. As every coin has a two side, there is merit as well as demerit points for the same.

Nowadays science is a compulsory subject in school days. Science plays a vital role in everyday life. It saves time and energy of human beings. Now science has produced a machine at a low price.

Science In Daily Routine

The invention of Television and radio are made for social education and entertainment. Every person can afford this appliance at their home.

Mixer Grinder

Earlier we found the ladies use the big stone to grind the spices, in which women lost their energy and even it takes almost 45 minutes to crush it.

But, now grinding is fun by the use of mixer grinder. Anyone can crush any spices within a minute by just switching on the electric flow.

Washing Machine

To wash clothes, we need a washing machine. It again saves time and energy. Any age person can do this with some simple steps.

Telephone And Mobiles

If we are staying far from our family, Telephone is the invention which keeps us connected all the time. Later, the phone is replaced by a mobile phone. We cannot carry the telephone ever whereas it gives connectivity through the wire.

The wireless connectivity we get on the mobile phone. We can take it anywhere. The most handsome invention is a smartphone invention. A smartphone is a gadget which has replaced radio, camera, calendar, watch, television, computer, entertainment set, books, etc. One cannot live without a smartphone. It has made human life very easy and comfortable.

Electricity The Heart Of A Human Being

In ancient time we have heard, people did not depend on electricity but, in the modern era, if there is a power cut only for a minute, we get disturbed.

We cannot think our single second without electricity. For washing clothes, for grinding spices, for charging mobile and laptop, to watch television, to perform every task we need electricity.

Merits Of Science

Science has taken the human being to another level of development. Above we have discussed the positivity, how science makes life easier in daily routine.

Demerits Of Science

The people of the modern era, spend time in the gym to stay fit. They have forgotten about our ancestor who was fit and healthy by doing every chore by themselves.

The ancestor use to be always energetic, whereas now the people depend on a gadget which has made them lazy.

In this modern world, no one has time for others, not even for family and friends. People are busy in their smartphone while working, walking, relaxing or anywhere.

Mostly small children and toddlers are stuck to the phone. They watch various cartoons, play games on it. Many children want the mobile as soon as they awake from sleep. This is very dangerous.


No doubt, science is a great blessing, but it is the duty and responsibility of human being to understand when we have to use it. Parents should take extra care for the children and should keep busy with their child instead of providing them with smartphones.

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