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We all are living in the age of science. The natural phenomena have been developed the science by the need for understanding. Based on testing, observing, analyzing and then presenting phenomena, it is a set of these ideas and complex theories.

To achieve this many scientists has developed several technologies. The scientific method is the general process that has been formulated. Science has been proved wrong to several superstitions and blind beliefs.

Technology is the most vital part of the application of science. The scientific knowledge has added over the years that help to man to apply rationale as well as logic to everyday life.


Technology is the application of knowledge of science. Such as arrangement, procedures, machinery is the production to perform a function and achieve a certain goal.


Not only in one sector does the technology is confined. Earlier one inadequate can be made by new technologies.

Creative Products

Based on scientific theory and law the scientist invents creative technological products.


Each and every technological product have not only a positive or negative impact.

Solve The Problem

From the starting/ beginning onwards the technology has great ability to solve the problem whether they are from Stone Age or till the sustainable living in the modern age.

Social Change

The way where people meet, interact, work, travel, play, do business has changed by the technology which has completely an irreversible change.

Difference Between Science And Technology

For further development, science and technology take inspiration from each other.

Science and technology are related to each other in many ways, but they are of a different nature. All the instrument give the foundation to research in the field of science.


The technology’s main aim is to satisfy their consumer of a product, process and on the environment. Whereas science aims at research or discovery of some elements from nature.

It’s Purpose

Science as well as technology are fundamentally different and have a different purpose. One of the main aims of science is that through the scientific method of experiment and observation is to explain natural phenomena.

Whereas technology aims at product creativity through intellect and based on concept and methods of design.

Its role

To increase productivity and efficiency in each and every field that is employed which can be helped by the technology.

Service Sector

This sector with improvements in technology it also improved itself. With the help of a computer and the internet, there are lots of work can be done such as shopping, handling bank A/c, booking tickets, and many more things

Agriculture Sector

With the use of a tractor and other medicine, technology helped this sector to improve agricultural productivity.


Many advanced technologies have helped to cure the diseases polio, chicken pox, etc. are almost completely curable today. Most of the technology has increased the life of people.

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