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A systematic way to observe the things and experiments is to involve to acquire knowledge and to improve the living is called Science. Whereas the application of science to promote the lifestyle is termed as Technology.

Human Life Made Easy

Day by day people is enhancing their way of loving the lifestyle with the application of technology. Science has taken the human being to another level providing with ease and comfort.

Changed The World

Since, the ancient time, science has helped the human being a lot but, as time passes it developed to a great extent, for example, scientists invented a simple bicycle gradually there we get invention of a modern bike with high speed and style. The world has changed a lot in the 21st century as compared to the 20th century.

Thanks To The Great Scientist

Due to the great achievement of our Indian scientist, India has developed economically. Scientist continuously does their researches in the field of agriculture, mathematics, astronomy, architecture, medicine, engineering, metals, physics, application and many more.

Many national laboratories and research institute have been set up in various region of India for the scientist to perform their valuable experiments.

Science In Daily Life

Nowadays, both the male and female of the house are working, and they don’t get time to perform household chores. There are many household appliances we can see which has made our life very easy.

Every house has the Gas cylinder, mixer grinder, refrigerator, water purifier, geyser, air conditioner, television, computer, mobile phone, iron, and many things. To make life faster there we see a motorbike, motor car, bus, tractor, etc.

We can merely differentiate our way of living with our grandparent’s way of living. They were all day tired by working, and we have so many appliances that work for us for a comfortable and smart living.

Nowadays, children can learn to do projects with the help of internet. The modern child is mentally well developed as compared to the child of 80s or 90s. By sitting at home, students complete their course of learning.

Apart from so many advantages, there are some of the disadvantages of science. The advancement of science and technology has given birth to many destructive weapons. It was the technology which gave the invention of such dangerous gas which shows its drastic effect in Hiroshima Nagasaki.

An irresponsible person can easily manipulate technology. Nowadays, everyone is entirely dependent on technology. For example, earlier the women were washing clothes by hand, but now, we are unable to perform the task. Our grandmother can grind the spices with the help of stone but we cannot we need an automatic grinder.

Science has destroyed our simple way of living. The modern human being is very lazy as compared to senior citizen. We need artificial air instead of a natural one.


The science and technology is meant for the benefit of a human being; it is the responsibility of every citizen to make wise use of technology.

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