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A school is a place where all the people go to seek education and it is the only modem through which all the people can get the education in their life.

From their childhood people get to learn all the things from the school and also by going to the school people can build their character as well and helps to become a great man in the future.

The school makes every student’s life better as the school life never comes again after the school session.

The knowledge that they get the discipline and the punctuality in their life all these things they get from schools as there are many teachers and principal who helps the student to get all these things and to help them in their future by giving them proper knowledge of life.

When a man becomes a successful man he has to first become a success in his student career as his character is built on a sound basis, he will be able to shine in any sphear of life and serve his society and countries.

A School

School can be said as a temple where there are teachers who guide there students like Gods and give them all the knowledge and values in their life.

A school has many classrooms in that from kg, nursery to 10th standard and also some schools have colleges in the libraries for the students to read books and to get knowledge science labs computer labs playgrounds to play all the things that are present in school.

A school is a place where we learn all the cleanliness and hygiene that we needed and it is explained by our teachers easily.

Also, there are many things that are present in school which are helpful for the student to make his career good and getting the proper knowledge.

A School Life

The joy we get in the school life is numerous to tell as a school is a place of youth even when they get old seeing the school they get happy.

Jokes happiness cheerfulness all the times playing games do some naughty mischievous and many things students do when they are in the school besides this they also get much knowledge by the people and sometimes they get punished but this all things are very much interesting to see when they get older and they started to miss this all things in their life and so because of this the school life is said as the best life of a man in his life.

The school days fills our mind with happiness and nostalgic memories and every time we remind that memories it gives a smile on our face.

With the education, there are also many academic and sports that have been played in school and this all things help the student who is not interested in studies but in games can make the future by playing games and by getting a proper knowledge and a great start to his career in school.

There are so many examinations that held in school which gives the proper knowledge to know what we are. So a great time a man could spend and is in his school life.

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