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Essay on School Library For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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A place where we get all the books that we are required. We can always depend upon this place which is known as the school library for any kind of books which we need and even the books for our entertainment.

Books for Senior KG

If we talk about books for senior KG students well they are not going to have a book with so many alphabets because they are too small to understand the alphabets. For senior KG students, the books which the library have is alphabet books, numbering box, and picture books which makes them understand.

Alphabets numbers and different-different kinds of pictures in the picture books you can see that there are different kinds of pictures for example animals, birds, roots and many more. Students are not aware of the books to read but we can understand by seeing the pictures of the book and it makes very easy to make understand senior KG students in the school.

Books for a Below Fifth Standard Student         

Now if you talk about the middle age of the child which comes near 5th to 6 standards what kind of books a child will try to find in the library. Well, it is the age when you are very much interested in many different things, the main moto of your life in this age is to go to school to complete your other activity.

For example tuitions, your daily routine games, and etc. and after that come back home and sleep this is the daily routine of a student. In this daily routine if a student is needed for any other book which is not related to his daily routine they can find it at only one place which is known as the school library.

Well if you are off school student you can borrow the book from the library and return it in the particular duration which is mentioned in the book and once you had read the book then you can go for another book of your interest.

Books for 9th and 10th Standard

If you are in the 9th or 10th standard what kind of books you would like to take from the library? Well, the standard nine and ten are the most important standard which takes your career in a particular direction. So most of the students will be preparing the books which are related to their curriculum activities. For example, they would try to get a dictionary or digest or a grammar book from the library so that it could improve their marks in the examination.

Once they have got that book they can return it and can go for another book but as we know that it is a very important stage of life even school make sure that if the student of ninth and tenth they need more than one or two books they can sanction it from the library without any problems. So never forget that the school library is always available for you with all the books you need.

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