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Most of the Students have enjoyed their school life experience. In my school day, I also enjoyed very much with my friends. The school helps the students to grow up and develop their personality.

How Can Be The School Life Become The Best Life  

School life is the best life we can say it. There are some reasons which prove that the life of the school is the best life they are as follows:

School Friends

During the school days, the friends were very enjoyed each and every movement. For the longest time, the friendship stays in our life. It is only because during this age people generally can able to trust anyone. For curiously to meet new peoples, people are also enthusiastic, they build up a new relationship and try new things.


While in school almost everyone hates school uniform but when people will grow up we all realize about the difficulty to figure out what to wear each day? How should you dress up?


Indiana boy and girl studying with a globe on the study table, Asian kids studying, Indian kids studying geography, kids doing homework or homework, two kids studying on table

We all hate the thing which made from the school which is homework. No one like the homework even some of the studious students also hates to do the homework. And also tried hundreds of excuses to avoid it. School life is almost incomplete without the homework.


As homework, similarly without the teacher. One should be there in the school to give knowledge and proper guidance for the students. Because, it is said that, after parents, the teacher only who provide and give the proper knowledge and explain how to give respect and discipline to others? And how to behave with others? One cannot get the mentor/guide after completing your schooling.

Rewards And Punishments

In the variety of standing whole period or going to the principal’s office, get out from the classroom, doing the nieldown this all are the punishments for the students which is given by the teachers and rewards are someone made the monitor, or he/ she gets the respect from the teachers or principles.

What Are The Daily Activities At The School 

At around 7: 30 am all the students reach the school, but they have to touch in the school which is approximately 15 minutes prior before the school bell rang. In our respective classes before the ring of a bell. Then after it was the time to sing the national song and until 8 o’clock which was a regular school time for the lectures.

Everyone in the school was seen to be doing different activities during the time of recess which was felt at 10: 45 am. Then after the P.T lecture start and in this lecture, the P.T sir trained us for many activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, badminton, racing, kabaddi, lung, etc.

there are also work experience lecture was held after P.T lecture in this lecture the teacher used to teach students how to make the crafts in different ways.

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