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Water scarcity referred to the lacking of freshwater resources for water demand. It was listed in 2019, and also affects every continent by the world economic forum in terms of the potential impact on the next decade.

We Have The Right To Have Water 

On the economic the United Nations committee for the cultural as well as social rights for the water security they established the foundation which is of five core attributes.

They declare that the rights of human to have a sufficient, safe, physically accessible, for personal use can able to afford the water, acceptable and we can also use for domestic purpose.

The United Nations addressed the effects of economic of water scarcity for making access to safe drinking water on an international development goal at 2000 of Millennium Summit.

At that time they drafted the millennium development goal, and on the eight-goal all the 189 UN members agreed. In 2015 by the half, the MDG 7 sets the target to reduce the proportion of the population, and it is without the sustainable, safe drinking of water to access.

Environment Effects 

On the environment of the scarcity of water which hurts the environment. Water scarcity makes the management flow of urban streams problematic in the rehabilitation. More than half of the earth wetland which has been destroyed and has disappeared through the last hundreds of years.

The wetlands are important it not only due to the habitats of numerous inhabitants like the birds, mammals, fish, invertebrates, but they also support to the growth in the rice, crops and other foods and also provide water filtration and from the storms and winds there should be a protection.

Effect On Our Health 

From the floating streams and many of the contaminated water was drunken by the many developing countries in the world, and their people were forced for drinking low quality of water.

Many people were dying due to an increase in water-borne diseases. There is a shortage of water, and due to this it does not flow, and the mosquitoes are breed on the dirty water they still on.

The people are forced to use every water of clinics, public places, local restaurants, and many of the other site is forced for using the minimal amount of water for cleaning.

Effects On Hunger 

To grow foods and care for the animals it takes a lot of water. For our sources of water for agriculture as well as irrigation we can use 70% percent of water while on the other hand for the domestic use we are using the only percent of water.

It means due to lack of rain the farms and animals are dying.

Effect On Poverty 

For the better living standards and also for the economic prosperity access for the quality of water is the key. Due to lack of water, there are no commercial activities, and there will be constant poverty.

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