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A saving tree is the most important thing right now to do in our surrounding because if we don’t care about the trees there will be no in future. We cannot survive without the trees and we should be taking this problem very much serious.

The Benefits of Tree

If we look at the earth from the space we could find that the earth is surrounded by water and the rest of the earth is shown in the colour of green. Well, this green colour indicates the trees and today as a human being we are reducing this beautiful green colour from the earth.

As a human being, we don’t even understand the benefits of trees in our daily routine sitting at home or working a 9-to-5 job is taking you far away from the main issue which you are going to face in future.

The trees which we have cut down and build so many different kinds of buildings. We cannot even justify that we are doing the right thing human being wants to live separately and that is the reason they are building more and more houses and cutting down the trees.

One single tree has so many benefits so just imagine hundred and millions of trees which we as a human being has cut down how many benefits we have lost just to live in a luxurious world.

Human Life is Dependent Upon Tree

As a human, we all know that the life of any human being depends upon nature there is no way that if the trees are finished from the earth the humans can survive.

Well, what can we do without trees well we can’t even live. Our lives without trees is impossible because the most important thing which human beings required to be alive is the oxygen and the only thing which can generate oxygen is trees.

So if the trees get reduced from nature there is no way that the human being can survive on the earth without trees The human race will vanish from the existence like the dinosaurs.

Teach How to Plant

Most of the people and the youngsters don’t even know how to plant a tree and how to take care of it they are only aware that they can buy a plant from the market and pour water into it.

So if you are aware how to plant a tree and how they can take care of it you should teach them the importance and the way how they can survive the tree if they learn it they can plant more and more trees and simultaneously they can save other trees also who are about to die.

There are plans who does not get a proper attention and care that is the reason it gets destroyed and it is been cut and thrown away.

So if you have a knowledge of saving plans please share it with your upcoming generation so that he or she could share it with their upcoming generation and this is the way they can share the knowledge of saving trees.

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Updated: January 9, 2020 — 9:16 am

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