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In India Tiger is the national animal. So what do you think the tiger should be killed. Well, this is not the right of any single person to take any decision like this. Human beings are having the right to life but even the animals have the full right to live on this earth.

Reducing Number of Forests

Now the most important reason for which the animals are coming in the city is that the forest is getting reduced for human beings to live over there in the forest.

They were cut down the forest and the animals are being thrown out from their house. Well, it is wrong that human beings are not understanding the problem of animals.

If you stay in their place where the animals would go and stay tiger is an animal that needs lots of space to live. He needs to hunt for his food and survive in this nature but if the human been well reduced the number of forest and the animals will start vanishing. what will be the situation for the tigers and other animals?

Save the Tiger

All over the world, there are so many tigers but when we come to the country India. Where the population of tigers is just around 1400. The number of tigers is been kept in caves and few are killed.

This is a very irrespective way to treat an animal. We all know Tiger is the national animal for India but then the Indian government did not focus on the killing of tigers after a very long time. When it came into the enlightenment of the number of tigers present in India then the government understood.

That the killing of animals is getting more and more these days. Then they started taking strict action against it. Today it is very much important to understand the situation of a tiger who does not have a home to live.

Tiger is a Royal Animal

Tiger is a very royal animal and we cannot imagine a jungle without a tiger. Well, tigers are the most dangerous animal we could ever see but just because of this tiger. The rest of the animals live in a very piece of the jungle.

They are always in the protection of a tiger because the tiger is the king of the jungle and they know that whatever will happen the tiger is there to protect them. No wonder even the tiger kills the animals to survive.

But this is the nature that the tiger will kill an animal and survive even though the animals know the nature of tiger they feel safe around him because they are much afraid of a human being then the tiger.

Human beings don’t show any kind of machine even though they have that quality. They do not afraid of Tiger because they know that it is their nature but they are afraid of human beings because they can’t find the actual nature of human beings.

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