Essay On Save The Nature For Students & Children In Simple English

What is nature?


Various type of plants, organisms, species, humans which are all god gifted and which are not man-made. All the types of the natural species are god made.

Importance To Save Nature

Nature is our protector, which protects the life on the earth by giving a various type of food, water and many more things which can’t be described, If there are no forests, rocks, animals, fruits, trees give us beauty to the environment.

If we continuously contaminate nature than there will be an end very quickly.

We should always take the safety measure to protect our nature, pollution levels, contamination levels should be brought in control that is the responsibility of the humans who use nature as there daily uses.

Protect The Environment

Earth is our home, and we should keep it clean which is the responsibility of every individual.

Humans are that creatures who do use not only nature but also make the destruction of nature and they do not worry about the destruction.

Plants and various types of animals are getting destroyed due to the factor made by the man which contaminate the earth, and also the humans get various health problems due to their karma.

Due to the pollution factor increased in the world the ozone layer is getting many of the hazardous wholes, Because of which the animals and the plants or the organisms get evaluated and destroyed.

Humans are cutting down the trees, but they never think about the future or the coming up generation that what they will see, human beings are selfish and they never think about others other than them.

Global warming is happening over and over, but no one things about it never worry about nature were they are living, but they always think to keep their home neat.

They never think that earth is the first home of every living thing. Global warming is now damaging various part of the world.

Wastage Of Natural Resources

Water resources are now very limited so to save it is our duty.

Water is used in every life of the living things as we can’t leave without water, but we can leave without the food a day that is the difference between food and the water.

All living things need water, but the humans are those who never take care of the wastage of the water they silly waste it as they want.

This will come to realize when there will be 5the shortage of water in the country.

Due to the contamination of the water, we are only getting the various type of diseases, which kills.

There is only that things which can be given by nature and that we neither take care.

Sunlight is that sources which are freely available but the humans never make the use of it.

Solar energy is that sources which are getting throughout the world but this also we ignore.

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