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Energy plays a vital role, in the development of any nation. The quality of every human being is much improved with the use of energy. But due to the careless or selfish activity of the human being, the energy is getting depleted day by day.

Sector Uses The Most Energies:

Residential Use Of Energy

The most basic energy is used in the residential area. It includes the use of Television, washing machine, radio, the lighting of home, making food, also many other uses. According to the survey made, it was concluded that nearly 40% of the total energy is get consumed in the houses.


Commercial Use Of Energy

The energy which is used by the commercial sector is known as the commercial use of energy. The energy which is used in the commercial sector is similar to the much extent with the residential use.

Commercial use of energy makes the use of heating, cooling, the lighting of the commercial sector, building and space. The energies are also used in the sector for computer work, fax machine, workstation, etc.


Transportation is the only sector, which is dependent on the consumption of energy. According to the survey made, it was concluded that almost 75% of petroleum is used every day by the transport service.

The transport service includes all the vehicle personal as well as the public such as cars, motorbikes, buses, trucks, etc. The ships, aircraft, trains, and pipelines are also included in the same.

Energy-Related Problem

The energy-related problem continuous since ancient time. The shortage of fuel was faced by the roman and greek people. The primary source of energy of these people was only wood.

The utilization of oil and peak are faced in the modern era. Still, the fossil fuel is the main source of energy. But it is sad to know that, it takes millions of years to form this source.

Main Issues In The Urban Area

The energy which we are using may get depleted in some few hundred years. It was concluded that the rate of the gross world product is as same as the world energy demand.

It is a big question for the industrial sector that how they can make the use of a nonrenewable source of energy at their maximum efficiency.

We, the human being has to resort the uses of energy. It was concluded that no single energy could provide all the required energy by the national source.

It is the duty of every citizen of the globe to take proper measure for the conservation of energy which is as follows;

Conservation Of Energy:

One can conserve the energy to some extent by doing something beneficial for the next generation. CFLs can be used instead of using the incandescent bulb.

In modern time, the people make the use of personal cars for the outing, instead of using the personal vehicle one can take the option of a public vehicle, walking as well as trains. By following this, we can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.

Avoid using plastic material; The electricity should be off when not in use. The conservation will take our nation to develop.

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