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In our days the care of the environment is the commitment of all human beings because the wonders that nature offers us are indispensable to survive.

Conservation Of The Environment Is Necessary

The environment is everything that surrounds us, trees, birds, air, water, people, etc. So that plants and animals continue to live on our planet it is important to conserve and care for their environment.

Contamination In The Earth

The environment is contaminated, throwing garbage, using pesticides, detergents, aerosols, the industries that throw smoke into the atmosphere, when using the car, when felling trees, burning garbage, with this negative attitude, the air, soil, and the Water.

What Is Pollution?

Garbage Pollution Environmental pollution has now become a very serious problem for society. It is the presence in the environment of any chemical agent, physical or biological, in places, forms, and concentrations such that are harmful to the health, safety or welfare of the population and animal or plant life. Even pollution that prevents the use or enjoyment of places of recreation is considered pollution.

To mitigate environmental deterioration there is much to change in daily life in a personal and collective way, in the world measures are being taken to preserve the environment in order to conserve animal and plant species, and other resources such as water. , soil, climate, laws have also been created to protect the ecological balance and the environment, are intended to promote sustainable development.

Implementation Of Law

If one really wants to save the planet, it is time to take action, not only to create rules but to implement them in a personal and collective way, otherwise the number of gases in the atmosphere will continue to increase and the consequences they are severe, the poles melt, the sea level rises, the sea heats up, disturbances in the balance of plants and animals, fires, and diseases.

Natural Resources

The natural resources to survive are threatened, and many of them are in danger of depleting themselves like water and plants and animals are in danger of extinction.

Public Awareness

It is essential to take actions to care for the environment, outreach to the general public through talks, campaigns, elaboration of flyers, posters, brochures, form groups for the protection of the situation.

People should carry out the project, which consists of the separation of garbage, organic, recyclable and miscellaneous, at first it will seem a bit difficult, but later people will be used to it. Some actions are being carried out to raise awareness among the people, distribute flyers on how the garbage should be separated, place posters, broadcast on the radio.


We are in time to save the planet. The care of the environment is everyone’s task, regardless of age, sex, religion, social class. The government has taken their initiation, now its time for a citizen of the globe.

Together we will achieve it if, in reality, we want a better world so that future generations do not suffer the consequences of human actions.

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