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As we are independent of the year 1947, there are many acts taken by the parliament for the people and also to give the knowledge of this act there are many of the camps set up. Right to Information is also one type of actions taken by the government of India for the citizen of our country.

Act Enacted

Right to information has been given the status of a fundamental right under Article 19(1) of the Constitution in 2005. Article 19 (1) under which every citizen has freedom of speech and expressing their view and have the right to know how the government works, what roles does it play, what are its functions and so on should be known by the people of India. Hence the action is been enacted.

Right to information refers to the get the perfect knowledge of something it can be the public authorities, any of the prices, commodity and many other things we can say that we should use the right to information. We should enact the act in our life. We have full rights to get information from anywhere, anyplace, of anything also.


Right to Information Act is been declared by the government in the year 2005 and this is useful for the people to get the information regarding public authorities. Due to the Rti, there are the big advantages for the citizen of India to question against the government and non- government sector.

They can also fill the application regarding the district administer for the problem cause in their society or in the public places. Rti becomes the changes for the people who are been living in the rural sector and they can change their lifestyle and society through Right to information. This has been empowered the small villages in our country.

Here the person who is illiterate can also fill his application by one phone call, if the phone or the application will not be filled by the people who are receiving the call then there will take the strict action against that person.

The right to information Act is influencing people to come forward and question to the progress on various welfare schemes, creating and being the example of bringing a positive change in the most backward and the rural small villages areas like Eastern UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh, Assam and in Maharashtra.

There are some of the cities and villages still not knowing about the right to the information they are the cities of the Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and many of the states and villages are not knowing about this scheme

Changes Due To RTI

There are lots of changes after the act came to the existed that is right to information. People got the confidence among themselves to ask the question to the legislature and for the government bodies to, this made many changes in the villages and this also bring the changes in the nationwide.

Changes will be that people and the citizens will know about the work of the government and give hand in hand with the government. This act is called Right to Information.

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