Essay On Rome Was Not Build In A Day For Students & Children In Simple English

The above phrase “Rome was not built in the day” is accordingly written for the describing of the nation that is Rome, it is mention that the achievement of this nation has not taken one day it has taken many of the years to make it be known as the Rome country.

This proverb is making to understand us that to achieve success in our life is also not easy. It takes time to be a successful man or women.

Life is not too simple that we think to live the life there is struggle and we have to achieve it after struggling the lot there are various obstacles in our day to day life which we have to offend it, as there is one more proverb which makes the changes in our life “Failures are the stepping stones towards success” that means in case after many hard work to we have failed then we should not think that we can’t do it again we should try again and again till we do not get the success of our life.

There are some of the students who start studying before the few days of the examination.

If they get a good result after studying this way than they pat themselves, and if the result is not good then they blame their luck.

As the hard work of the student can make the colors in his or her results, and this is the fact, hard work gets the sweetness of the fruit.

Only in the part of the study, the hard work is not important in case of success in the life it needs steady and continuous work.

There are some kinds of people who are jealous of their partner only they never think of making their fame neither they think of getting their partner the fame. And this is the human kind in this whole world.

There are some of the people who struggled for their nation as the good while but they never expressed of their fame, they are the real heroes of our country, as they failed many times during the British stood in India they never lead back their steps. They are the people who unwept and unsung.

There is one famous scientist who introduced the bulb, during his invention there where many problems to him but then to he never looked back, he failed 999 times but he never thought that he couldn’t make it, but the real hard work can make us move forward that is patience and perseverance, and lastly 1000 time he got the success in his way.

While looking towards nature we can see that the birds are making the nest with the help of the dry sticks and the tree leaves which are useful for them to make the nest, the birds never give up their task as the wind blow apart then too if it falls they never give up their job.

Same as that only we should never be fear of the darkness, as after the darkness of the life there is some way that God helps us to bring the light. In the way of the success there are various stones, strews while walking but we should have the habit to tackle it simply. That how the excellence will come to our life.

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