Essay On Role Of Human Activity In global Warming for Students & Children In Simple English

What Is Global Warming?

Global warming is the current increase in temperature of the earth’s surface both in land and water.

Average temperatures around the world have now risen. In the past, when the earth experienced increases in temperature, it was the result of the natural causes, but today it is being caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere produced by the human’s activity.

The natural greenhouse effect maintains the earth’s temperature at a safe level making it possible for humans and many other life forms to exit.

Global warming is created due to the pollution generated by the humans like water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, etc. This is also produced by the massive climate change.

Causes Of Global Warming

The industries do all the pollution, household and the vehicles this all greenhouse effect is also making the hole in the ozone layer and then it is affecting the health of the humans only.

There is some process where the greenhouse gas traps the heat in the earth’s atmosphere to keep the planet warm enough to sustain life; this process is called the greenhouse effect.

Greenhouse Effects:

The greenhouse gases are both produced naturally, and it is also the part of the human activity.

Due to the release of the carbon dioxide in the air by the humans the problem of the global warming emission is more this makes the atmosphere to regret its temperature.

This global warming is now dramatically increased in the atmosphere

  • During the extraction of the minerals and also of the fossils fuels, from this type of the extraction, the methane is generated and even during the landfills.
  • In the agriculture field, the plants are given the manure, the fertilizers which are used during the agriculture work emits the nitrogen oxide emission from it.
  • Some of the gases which make are refrigerator cool this also emits the fluorinated gases.
  • The majority of man-made emissions of carbon dioxide are from the burning of fossils fuels such as coal and oil so that humans can power various vehicles, machinery, keep warm and create electricity.

Greenhouse Effects:

Cutting of the tree, this process is called as the deforestation and has become the massive undertaking by the humans transforming forests into the forms has a significant number of the impacts and the greenhouse emission is more due to the cutting of the tree.

This the deforestation of the forest as now impact to the more or the double pollution effect towards the global warming.

Today the land is cleared by cutting down all the trees from the forest some of the animals are dying due to this severe problem and the carbon dioxide which the plants were inhaling now they are cut. Therefore the emission is now created various problems towards all the living things present on the surface of the earth.


Due to the severe problems of global warming today nature is giving a negative response towards the humans only.

The effect of the global warming are raised that are the sea levels are increased, snow melting in the Himalayas, landslides, stronger cyclones are some of the problems which are created due to the global warming and the pollution done by the humans in nature.

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