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Indian economy one of the biggest economies in the world because it has the second largest population in the whole world. So you can just imagine what kind of economy would this country have but even today we are running behind many things.  

Benefits of Agriculture

As we know that India is a place of farmers. Farmers who produce food to feed a common man if farmers are not there nobody can survive. They are next to God because God has given us life but the former is someone who is generating food.

We eat at breakfast we do the lunch and whatever we have everything is a gift of the farmer. A farmer in India most of the agriculture depends upon the farmers.

Because of this even the Indian economy is depending upon agriculture. Which are created by the farmers and their hard work? Indian economic get a very good amount of benefit from the agriculture sector.

No less than a business sector or any other sector agriculture sector is one of the great sectors which supports the Indian economy. If the agriculture sector does not support the Indian economy the economy could go down very badly and the whole world could suffer for it.

Farmers Hard Work

We as a common man don’t even know what kind of hard work a farmer is doing in his daily routine. The farmer works day and night for the best food he could create because if he does not work hard enough to generate the food from the earth.

We will never survive on any other thing if the farmer is not working hard. We as human beings cannot survive we should never disrespect the farmers because they are the one who is responsible for our health. If they do not take proper care of the food stick grew even we will be unhealthy and unfit this could lead us to a very disastrous future. 

Farmers Income

Well, we understood that the Indian economy is very much dependent upon the agriculture sector. We also understood that this whole agriculture sector is on a very responsible hand.

Which are the farmers but do we know that what amount does a farmer gets for his hard work. When he gets almost nothing in his hand as a farmer. He is working so hard in his field but because of some people, they don’t get what they deserve.

It is a very wrong thing which is happening with them but it is because of the knowledge they don’t have. But today there are people who are knowledgeable instead of wasting your knowledge or cheating them.

You should use your knowledge to make more people aware of the facilities which a farmer can get as the Indian government has started. So many schemes and benefits for the farmers but just because of the lack of knowledge and awareness they are very much far away from the facilities which they should get in their lives.

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Updated: January 10, 2020 — 12:15 pm

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