Essay On Role Model For Students & Children In Simple English


In this world, every person is motivated or inspired by any of the important people in his or her life. Same way I am also inspired by my mom.


She is the beautiful women in this world who inspires me in every foot where I keep. She has the biggest personality in her life too; I love her the most.

My mummy is a housewife, but she is always busy like a doctor. She never expressed her feelings in front of the house members she is the one who loves me unconditionally and cares me beyond the imagination.

Not only for me the love is unconditional, but for all the members of the family, the love is same.

She never makes the difference between the children there is the equality in our home for all the things.

No one living her can see my mind she understand my silence, my tears, and my heart.

She always teaches me the right path of my life, her shouting at me is also the unconditional love of my life.

If I am in the wrong direction, she shows me the direction to go. As God is not situated in all places so he made the mom and dad.

But in this world, there are some of the children who throw out their parents during the old age of their parents.

But we should always keep in our mind that we will never be the success in our life by doing this all nonsense. And this is the fact.

She always is like the friend more than a mom; she never makes me feel unhappy.

Her saying is that always share with me if there is any type of the problems faced by you I will always be beside you. She constantly plays many roles in my life as a teacher, mentors, doctor and so on.

She always motivates me by standing strongly in any of the situations. She is truly my role model.

Though I never know whether I can ever fit in her shoes or not. Every girl likes to be as same as her mother, But the mother is that person who sacrifices all her dreams to fulfill her childhood dreams, and that is same for the father too.

So never make your mom feel the shame of you if we think that she is our role model.

I want my mom to be beside me always when I am in problems. She always there in my happiness and also be with my sad.

The food which is cooked by her is not less than a world’s best chef. Her cooking style and the taste should be for me too.

As she my role model in my journey of this world. My heart falls sick when she is not feeling well or when she is upset because if she is sick, then the whole world of mine is also dead.

So my prayer to God is that always keep my parents happy and healthy forever.

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Updated: January 26, 2019 — 12:52 pm

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