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Road accident is now a major problem. It is an unexpected occurrence of physically damaged roads. RTA (Road traffic accident) is an injury because of terminating or involving vehicle on the public road.

People are aware of the traffic rules and regulations but then also they do not obey it. Now a day it becomes a fashion of not following the traffic rules.

Most of the people believe in luck and if road accident occurs than in spite of blaming own self they blame another person. If proper precautions are taken than most of the road accidents will be minimized.

Causes And Remedies For Road Accident 

Experience Is Lacking

In some of the cases, there is a lack of experience of the driver. Nowadays young drivers have so many accidents in India. And also their insurance rate is high. They do not watch to the behind, away, left, right and that’s the reason the road accidents are caused.


Inattention is the main reason for the occurrence of an accident including texting while driving people looking at the phone, fiddling with control, talking to the passenger or another person, etc. are the main reason for the accident that some people do so.

Not Following Traffic Rules

Generally, people do not obey the traffic laws, including going too slow for a condition, not having lights on, speeding, at the stop sign also they won’t stop, while under the influence they used to drive.

Lack Of Discipline

It is totally true that this is one of the biggest reason for road accidents. People are aware of the rules but then also they won’t obey them properly. One of the most common rules which people do not follow is to wear a helmet and enable seat belts.

Natural And Other Causes

Some of the factors which are under control but some are not under control by us. Such factors are bad weather, bad road condition, stray animals, etc. People will totally agree that these factors are really uncontrolled by us.

Prevention For Road Accidents 

Over speed

Proper maintenance of road

Before driving, people should learn

Precautions Must Be Taken For Road Accidents 

When You Feel Tired Or Sleepy Never Drive

Generally, when you return from the job or work to your home on that you should take care while driving. While driving there is a good chance for you to sleep but in that case, it may cause an accident.

If You Are Under The Influence Of Alcohol

You should never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other bad things which hamper brain ability.

While Driving You Should Not Use Your Mobile Phones

You should not use your mobile phones while driving otherwise it may lead to the accident.

Wear Helmets And Seatbelts

This is the easiest and simplest rule to drive for your own safety, but then also people are not following. This may cause an accident.

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