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Keep traffic rules for road safety only then road accidents can be stopped. The biggest victim of road accidents is the young class. A road accident cannot be considered to be destined to stop the road accident in our hands.

For this, there are some rules for walking on the road, such as speed limit, seat belt construction, use of mobile phones at the driving time, wear helmets, do not add drunk, but also strictly adhere to all these rules. Go. For this, place the camera on the streets – put a lot of cameras, speed measurements, and the cancellation of the license should be canceled.

Apart from this, children must be told about road safety rules and their importance. Citizens of India should not use vehicles for ash for vehicles but they should be used only as needed.

In India like other countries, citizens should be habitual to use pedestrians and cyclists to keep the environment clean and reduce road accidents. Can be brought. Besides this, people will be happy to run on a pedestrian bike so that they have to improve such roads and make them so secure.


Keeping the road safety in mind, we should always use footpaths while walking. If there is no footpath, always go to the left side of the road.

Cross the road as per the Green Signal (green signal) and cross the road according to the traffic police directives.

No To Mobile Phone

Do not use mobile phones while walking on the road and if you want to use mobile, then stop by looking at a safe place.

An Incident

It was a different day. A dense fog had bowed the whole city I was going to my college. A taxi was coming from the opposite direction. The driver was driving a taxi in Betham, it was big sparking on the stars struck against an electric pole.

We were fortunate that at that time there was a power failure, otherwise, it would have been much loss. Soon a mob gathered there, the tax collector who was under the influence of alcohol. Tried to escape but some people caught him and handed him over to the police.

Passengers got serious injuries in the taxi, they were taken to the hospital. The press also arrived at the place. The taxi driver was responsible for the accident.

His taxi was badly damaged. It was actually a narrow escape if we take proper care and caution, then we can stop the accidents. Drinks and drives cannot be mixed together.

Traffic police should be given the full right to cancel the license of a driver, in which drunk driving is done. It can save such a precious life.


We should never show hurry while driving the vehicle or even crossing over the road, as it also takes away our life. extra care should be taken of small children while crossing the road. Do not forget, it is good to late rather lose a life.

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