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The reservation system refers to the process of reserving the certain seats which should be maximum 50% for some of the classes they are Schedule tribes, Schedule Castes, and other backward classes, etc. in India for the Government education systems, institutions, jobs, etc.

Special Provisions For The Advancement Of Backward Classes

As per the article 15(4), there are special provisions for the backward classes to be advanced. The clauses 1 and 2 of article 15, it is an exception for it, and in the constitution of the 1st amendment act, 1951, it was added.

And due to this, it leads to the decision in the state of Madras v. Champakam Dorairajan. In this case, in the State Medical as well as Engineering colleges for the different communication, the government of Madras has been reserved the seats in it, for the various proportions on the religion, race, caste, etc. basis.

With the view to promote the social justice for all the sections of the people, for this, the state defended the law on the ground which was enacted, which was required by the Article 46 of the Directive Principles of State Policy.

This law was held void by the Supreme Court due to there is a classification of students on the basis of their caste as well as religions which was irrespective of merits.

Article 15 was amended to modify the effects of the decisions by the Constitution (1st amendment) Act, 1951. Under this clause, for the advancement of any social as well as economically backward classes of the citizens or for the SC (scheduled castes) and ST (Scheduled tribes), the state is empowered to make the provisions for this.

A Harijan colony was put up in order to advance the interest for the backward classes, and this become possible for the state after the amendment.

As Per Article169(4), InThe Public Employment The Reservation For Backward Classes

To the general rule embodied in Article 16(1) as well as (2), Article 16 (4) is a second exception. For the reservation in the posts appointments of any backward classes’ favor of every citizen, it empowers to make the special provision for it, which are a reservation under the state opinions are not adequately represented in the services.


To uplift the certain caste who were subjected to the atrocities, economic backwardness and social for this the reservation system in India was adopted with this reason due to the caste system prevalent dominance in the societies of Hindus.

To maintain the idea of reservation system it is very important and the actual backward classes who are the real one and fiction who denied the access to their education and also for the job opportunities which to be benefited.

To claim on the stairs of profits the system of the reservation should not become the ladder and also for the money and other related interest for the people for being a backward people.

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