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A long year ago, freedom fighter fought for the freedom and made the destiny, So as when the people sleeps, India will awake for life and freedom.

The date 26th January when Indian constitution came into force is celebrated as RepublicDay. After the independence of India Dr.Ambedkar became the first drafting chairperson, and only because of him Indian constitution came into existence. By this date, India became a self-governing country. It is celebrated as a national festival of India.


Every citizen in India celebrates this honored festival as we celebrate our Independence day in the same way, we celebrate our Republic Day. Flag hosting has been doing in all over India followed by National Anthem. Students have a great curiosity to celebrate this day in school. On Republic Day Students in school or colleges give speeches on the topic related to this national festival. Also, perform dance and drama.

Celebration in New Delhi (Capital)

The most beautifully festival celebrates in Delhi. All the three forces Army, Naval and air force does the squad’s march. Also, the policeman and N.C.C join the same. The function goes on by the Folk dances, etc. All the honored poets, writer, social worker receive an award from Prime Minister. The Delhi Republic Day celebration can easily see on Doordarshan channel.

Fundamental Rights

As we talk in pledge about sovereignty, socialism, secularism, democracy are the forms in which our respective nation is built. As we have our fundamental rights, meanwhile we should not forget our fundamental duties.

These auspicious days remind us how bravely our national leader fought for us for free and still in the present day our leaders are making things good for us. Also, how can we forget our Super Heros, our Indian Army(soldiers)They sacrifices their life on the border so that we can stay peacefully?


If we talk about Republic Day, It does not only mean about parade and celebrations, on the other hand; it is about deep morality. It also shows us the importance of our constitution. Being diverse in the religious matter still upholds equality, justice, and liberty.

Sometimes we forget about our duties and concentrate on our rights but this is surely wrong, If one will start to do their duties willingly automatically right will come to their way, and that day India will truly become a democratic country.

Also, corruption is the worst part of our democratic country. A Common man suffers from the corruption diseases but also some or the other time even corrupt peoples suffer on their path. So it is better to follow the path of No to corruption.

As our nation is vast, peoples belong from different states, but we should always keep in mind that we are building blocks of a nation. We should give our hundred percent dedication to our country. It will be a work of pride. The basic pledge and ambition of an Indian should be to serve our nation.

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