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The republic day is the national festival of India. 26th January 1950 was the great day when the constitution of India came into force by replacing the government of India act 1935. Also, in 1930, the people who were struggling for the purna swaraj(complete independence) took the pledge for the same at the banks of river Ravi.

A Democratic Country

Every citizen celebrates the day with great devotion and respect. This great day gave the power to the ordinary people to choose the government of their choice by declaring India as a democratic, sovereign, secular socialistic country.

Constitution Into Force

After independence, there was a meeting conducted on 28th August 1947. The session was about to decide a permanent structure for India and also to appoint the drafting committee. It was declared that the great Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar would be the chairman of the drafting committee.

On 4th of November 1947, Baba Saheb successfully submitted the constitution of India to the assembly. The constitution was adopted on the 26th of  November 1949 and on 26th January 1950 it came into force.

A Celebration Of The Day

The republic day is celebrated at the Rajpath Bhavan in Delhi also in all the schools and colleges whereas some of the housing society celebrate the occasion too. The fascinating celebration is seen in Delhi.

The prime minister of India hosts the flag. Many respected minister and leader are always present along with the president of India. Many events get organized at the place. The India army along with the navy and air force does the parade and also takes part in the various programme.

On the day of the celebration even find many cultural programmes. A group of singer sings the patriotic song. There we see many folk dance, drama, and other activity. The motivational speech is delivered by the president and prime minister of India.

At the occasion, we get reminded of the great leader who sacrifices their life for the freedom of India, and also we thank Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar who successfully submitted the constitution. We can easily see the live programme in Delhi on our television channels.

Celebration In Schools, Colleges, And Societies

The occasion is celebrated in a grand way in school and colleges. The students are called in their neat uniform, only the students who are participated in the dance or drama activity are called in color dress.

The flag hoisting ceremony is carried out by the principal or trustee of the institute. After the flag hosting there, all sing our national anthem. Principal or chief guest gives the motivational speech to the students. The occasion is further carried out with a parade, patriotic song, dance, drama, etc.

Many institutes choose the day for the annual prize distribution. If it is so, the chief guest distributes the prize, and the children are sent home with the sweets and chocolates.

In hosing societies, the function is carried out as same as in school and colleges.


Indians celebrate the day with great love and respect. People once again takes the pledge to perform their duties for the mother, India.

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