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A very important day for every Indian in their life. Republic Day is the symbol of United India and every Indian should be excited about this festival. The schools are also very much devoted to words and make the students understand the importance of Republic Day.

When is Republic Day

This is the first question in which students asked their teachers and classmates. Well, every student knows the importance of Republic Day in India. And they understand the value of it the students always make sure that this particular day is celebrated with a proud to everyone.

26 January is the Republic Day celebration every school celebrates this festival in the school premises. All the students and parents are requested to visit the school on this particular day. Well because this is a very important lesson which the upcoming generation should learn.

And not only learn also get inspired by the hard work which was done by the leaders of India for the freedom of it. Republic Day is a very small tribute to their sacrifices but this is a very important day for their hard work also.

Preparation of Parade

Every school makes a parade on this particular day did never forget to at least show a small parade to their students inside the school itself. The parade is done by the students of the school and they are taught how the actual parade works.

They are shown how much dedication is to be given for the parade of the Indian flag. Well the sound of drums in the parade itself shows the courage and discipline of India and no one else could even stand against us. This is a way to show the strength of our courage to words the people who are terrifying our country.

The Republic Day in School

First of all the republic day is started from the parade which is totally done by the students. Nobody else apart from the students are involved in the parade so that they can learn the importance of it.  After the parade, there is a flag hoisting done by any chief guest or the respected principal’s.

Before the flag hosting the national anthem has been sung by the whole school. This is the moment when nobody even moves for any single thing. Because the song which we sing in the national anthem is a tribute to the freedom fighters and to the sacrifice of their life.

This represents the dedication to words in our country and also the responsibilities.  Every Indian student who even studies in abroad understands the importance of the national anthem. Whenever they hear their national anthem they stand in the respect of it. The flag is the most important thing for them throughout their life.

Teaching the importance of Republic Day today will be an important thing to do. Because the Republic Day is just not an ordinary day like others it is a very important day for every Indian in the whole world.

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Updated: February 22, 2020 — 10:21 am

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