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Recycling is the process in which the waste things which can be used once again can be recycled that is things like paper, waste cane, plastic bottles and many more of the things which can be recycled should be put on the dry waste, and there should be the proper disposal of the waste that should be made the difference that is dry waste and the wet waste should be made the difference.

Recycling the goods are very important this will save the nature and the resources as much as we will recycle the goods, all the product which will be used once again should be used as much as we can recycle, reuse, reduce are the three main part of the waste disposal.

We Should Recycle Because?

We should put our all efforts to recycle the goods as much as can means this will help the environment like if we are using the same product after its use also then we are recycling the product which means that we are reusing the product and we should always take care that if we send the fewer landfills towards the environment then there will be the less water pollution and the soil erosion, as the environment plays very efficient role in the life so we should always take care that we make the proper use of the goods from or side.

As all know that the paper is made by the tree due to the use of the trees half of the forest are been reduces in India so this is a very bad effect on the environment and nature, if we will recycle the paper or reuse the paper then there will be the less wastage of the paper, and we should take care that always we should support the nature and their resources because they are very limited in nature, so if we cut the tree that we should have the habit to plant the tree.

There are many of the cases such as the plastic canes, aluminum canes and many more which can be reused and they are not to be wasted because there is the need of the aluminum they are melted, and they can be reused as much as possible.

What Is The Measure Taken By The People?

  • Some of the waste which can be used then this should be used as much as can they are the product of the plastic, glass and many more things should be used this can be reused.
  • The main problem is that the polythene bag should not be used because this has the main impact that it pollutes the nature because this plastic bag never decade in the land because the plastic is only 0.5 micros so this never decompose in the land, and this creates many of the pollutions such as the air pollution, water pollution, and the soil erosion.
  • People should always take care that the dry garbage and the wet garbage should be separated because this will help to recycle the dry goods very fast.

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