Essay on Raksha Bandhan For Students & Children In Simple English


There are various festivals and the traditional practice throughout the Indian country, but there are some reasons behind every festival.

Raksha Bandhan is also one of the festivals celebrated in India with a very graceful manner; the festival is all about the relationship between the brother and sister and their bond throughout the entire life.



Raksha Bandhan festivals are the most favorite festivals of every girl in all communities especially in Hindu religion it is celebrated in the month of “Shravan mass” according to the Hindu calendar.

During this festival, the sister tie rakhi on the wrist of his brother by giving him the blessing of goodness throughout his life and the brother ties the rakhi in his wrist with the intention of saving and protecting his sister throughout the entire life.

Girls are very happy during these festivals because after tying the rakhi, the brother gives the gift to his sister as all sister wait for the gift only.

The rakhi which is tied on the brother’s wrist is decorative, and it is very colorful, the decoration is made by the stones and the colorful thread.

Many of the girls are confused while selecting the rakhi and this is the most beautiful movement with the bond of the brother and sister.

This festival is followed by the pre-historical time since there are famous stories of the Krishna and Draupadi” while the fighting occurs between the Krishna and the Draupadi the finger of Krishna was cut, so Draupadi wrap up her piece of saree around Krishna’s finger, since this is some of the beautiful stories of the brother and the sister.

This festival is mostly celebrated by all communities in India

These beautiful festivals bring all the family members together and all brothers and the sisters in the togetherness in this competitive world.

Feeling, affection, love is distributed among all the family members.

This festival not only involves biological related brother and sister, but it is also for those people who are biologically unrelated, they also show their feelings of love and care towards each other by celebrating this festival.

Today every person is much interested in making their own life they do not have the time to spend with their families, friends and also for the relatives.

This cultural festival helps to make the importance of all the families and also of the festivals.

This festival brings roof once in the year. It is the way to show feelings of love and care towards the family and also towards some ritual things.

All brothers want his sister to be safe and should be in the good direction of the life, so he always restricts her sister from the bad group.

Also during the Raksha Bandhan, there is various type of sweets comes in the market.

Sister offers one coconut to the brother as the symbol of the purity. This tradition is so beautiful to see that it reflect the Indian culture towards the foreign culture. This tradition honored with great respect.

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