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Raksha Bandhan is a famous festival which is celebrated in overall India. The festival celebrates the lovely and emotional bond of brother and sister.

The reason for the celebration of the festival is connected to mythologically. People all over India waits with excitement for the festival and celebrates the day with the great zeal.

Connection With History

Several stories are there on how the celebration comes into being;

Rani Karnavati And Humayun

It is believed that the Rani Karnavati who was the widowed queen of Chittoor asked the help of Humayun by sending him Rakhi. The reason for sending the rakhi was when she realized that she could not save herself and kingdom from Bahadur Shah she asked for the same.

In return, the Emperor Humayun respected the Rani Karnavati and her Raki and sent his army to fight against with Bahadur Shah and win the battle saving Chittoor.

When Is The Celebration

According to the Hindu calendar, the festival falls in the month of Shravana which means in August. The celebration occurs. According to the Hindu religion, the Overall month of Sravan is observed as holy.

The brother-sister of all the age celebrate the occasion with great respect, love, and emotions.

How The Raksha Bandhan Is Celebrated

People celebrate the occasion in the day time, both the brother and sister attire the clean and new clothes for the celebration. The sister decorates the pooja thali beautifully. They place red kumkum, some earthen rice lamp, and Raki along with some sweets.

Initially, the brother is said to sit down on a clean place, after he settled down, the sister put red kumkum tilak on the forehead of their brothers, and perform aarti wising to remove out every obstacle from the brother life, later on, sister tie raki on the right hand-wrist of their brother and exchange sweets among them.

The brother gives some beautiful gifts to their sister and blesses them for good luck; they also promise that they will always take care of their sister in any circumstances.

Both the brother and sister observe fast till before tieing rakhi they only breakfast after the celebration.

Raksa bandana makes the bond of brother-sister strong. It is a ritual which not only can do with real brother or sister but also can celebrate with a cousin or with the friend with whom we share the feeling of siblings.

Strengthen The Bond

No matter how much the brother and sister will fight with each other but they even care for each other beyond limitations. The lovely bond grows as by the time passes. Elder brother always stands like a shield around their sisters, and younger one asks and listens to the advice and guidance from sisters.


Raksha Bandhan holds a special place in everyone life. Many of the siblings cannot meet with each other due to their busy schedule or any issue, but this occasion brings everyone close to each other.

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