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As human beings, we know that we are totally dependent upon the rainwater to drink. If the rain does not fall for a long time the human does not have the proper drinking water and this could cause a huge problem for human beings.


We all know that the earth is almost surrounded by water and 70% of the earth is underwater and remaining that 30% is soil, but do you know that the 70% of water which is covered is not drinkable? Because it is salted water and human beings cannot drink salted water to survive, it could cost them any kind of issue and also it would be a danger to their health. So we cannot consume that water which we can see on the earth.

So what water can we drink? Well, the water which is directly coming from the rain we store that water in dams and use it throughout the year. If we do not use water properly one day it will be finished and then we have to drink the salted water which is present in the oceans and this could send us towards Death.

But as human being we cannot survive without water in any case, if we don’t have pure drinking water we have to consume the salted water from the oceans.


You know why does rain come every year? Does it makes any sense that every year the rain comes and we have to store that water? Well, it is very important that the rain should come every year because only the rainwater which comes to us is drinkable and the rest of the water which we can see is contaminated.

We cannot drink that water until and unless it is purified and to purify that water it cost us very much. So if we are planning to live on this earth for a very long time, we need the rain water to be stored in dams and use them properly. So that in case the water is sufficient for some other country or state, we can provide them but we as a human being do not understand this small concept of saving water.

We are wasting the water now and then and this is making a huge problem for our upcoming generation. Our upcoming generation have to face so many difficulties to just drink one glass of water, they have to even sell everything which they have, just for one glass of pure water.

Government Dams

Now, you must be thinking that we have seen so many times and they could save the water for the entire year. Well, it is right but we also should understand that the water which we have saved in the dams is just not for drinking, it is also used for the farmers to do farming and this water is very much required for the entire year so we should save the water.

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