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Radio is the electronic Technology through which it is used to carry the information from the use of sound waves from radio such as sound as systematically modulated properties of electromagnetic energy that is transmitted from the space as its frequency or amplitude.

In the past, the radio is a very much useful means for the people to hear songs or any of the cricket commentary people used to hear through radios as there was the unavailability of televisions at that time and radio is the only source of entertainment.

To hear from a radio there is an antenna that is connected to a radio and it is used to convert the electronic electric current into radio wave that received from the satellite network. Musli the radio frequency occupies the range from 3 kHz to 300 GHz and it uses the small part of the spectrum only.

Radios In The Past

Every system has a transmitter in it that helps to connect the electrical energy and it contains a system to modulate the property of energy to impress a signal on it.

There are many different types of radio systems are been developing from the past and there are many radio signal and waves are improved from the past as the radio signals now are very strong as they connect very quickly and people can hear things properly.

The radio communication system only send one information only on one way as an example the broadcasting signal transmitter sends signal to many receivers but two stations made turns sending and receiving using a single radio frequency and this system is called as simplex and also there is another system of radio frequency that uses two stations continuously is called as the duplex.

In the past, the radios are also used for the military communication as these types of the radius are the different types which are used for the world war. Radios are used to pass on orders in communication between the army and the Navy in the World War 1 as the people used in communication for transferring the messages.

Users Of Radio In Today’s World

As there are many electronic gadgets there are been developed in this today’s world such as mobiles and in this mobiles there is a feature of radio which is installed and people can able to hear the radio through mobile app that is installed in it and it is easy to connect with the network and to get news from it but there is very less use of this radio as there are many internet services that have been developed so because of this person mostly search on the Internet about the information and any cricket scores or any other news as well as it is very easy to find out information other than radio.

But there are some people who like to hear the radio as many old songs are being played in the radio and they are very peaceful to hear and also there are many channels who provide great knowledge through radios which people like to hear most.

So in this today’s world, there is less use of radio but in the past, it is very much useful for the people for their entertainment.

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