Racial Discrimination

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The problem of living in India is that they do not want to know more about themselves than themselves and others besides themselves and they deal with the people on the basis of the stories they have heard from it in the syrup of prejudices, and the result would be In the case of color, language, caste, and religion.

Discriminated In The World

Indians are considered to be the most discriminated in the world because the values ​​of their own supremacy are in their minds. They keep their opinions and they do not see anything except their poorly worn-out criteria.

Helpless Law

This is not nationalism but casteism, where it is more important to protect and maintain racial supremacy and it is reflected in our move, character, and face. In spite of having a modern constitution, people feel caste, regional, racial and apartheid discrimination in daily life and the law appears helplessly in front of them.

An Incident Of The Golf Club

The incident of the famed Golf Club of Delhi has attracted the attention of the country, but as it happens, we are also specializing in forgetting the events. Discuss the first incident and analyze it.

Tilene Lyngdoh is a woman from the famous Khasi tribe of Uttar Pradesh, Meghalaya, and her friend Nivedita Bhartukar came to Delhi on the invitation of Sondhi. On June 25 they were invited to Delhi Golf on both the lunches.

Tallinn was wearingJansen’s famous apparel in Meghalaya All of you know that Jansom is more prevalent in the northeast. The golf club staff told Tallinn that you see ‘Mad’, so you should get out of there. The class character of Delhi’s golf club or other club is visible only because your entry is fixed by watching your pocket and your bank balance, but if you do not wear clothes according to their criteria then you will have to leave

Even if the employees are shameless and they do not know, even if they tell lakhs, then this is India’s failure to the nation. People of Northeast often face discrimination in Delhi and other metropolitan cities. Because their life and social system is maternal-power, therefore, seeing their mothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandmothers, and women always in the purview of the curtain and the Lakshman Line, it seems that they are ‘Nirbhay’ or easily ‘available’.

In fact, the crisis of closed culture is that people of open minds are seen after their brains, and anyway the custom of giving character certificates in India is very old and often they give those people whose own character remains suspicious.

Strong Voice

It is not that our behavior is only racial with the people of the northeast. The African people have clearly said that racism and apartheid are rampant in India, but it was another matter at the level of one of the first governments that there was a strong voice against it but now it feels as if the leaders of national leaders have the muted support.

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