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Our India had been faced the brunt of slavery and unbearable atrocities of the British for many years. The brutal British rulers had taken away their right to live from all Indians.

To liberate the country from the shackles of slavery, Mahatma Gandhi, who is considered a great freedom fighter, also launched a similar movement against the British in the year 1942 and called this movement “Quit India Movement” Quit India movement has played an important role in the movements against the British to free the country from the rule of British rule.

Why Was The Quit India Movement Started?

British used to consider Indians as their puppets, seeing that many brave and revolutionary sons of Mother India launched many movements against the British to liberate the country from the subordination of slavery.

And during these movements, many freedom fighters lost their lives, but today due to movements made by the revolutionaries of the country against the British, we all Indians got independence in India

How the Quit India Movement Started

Quit India movement was launched in 1942 under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, it is also known as August Kranti. During the Second World War, when the British troops were defeated from many places and the British army started to weaken, the Japanese army started attacking India.

At the same time, when Japan crossed the Pacific Ocean and started moving towards India, at the time, America, China, Russia, etc. were pressuring Britain to get support from India, after which Britain Had taken the initiative to support the British in this fight over India. For this, Britain sent Stafford Cripps to India in March 1942.

Refused The Proposal

Actually, Britain wanted to get the support of Indians but did not want to give full independence to India, it wanted to keep the security of India in its own hands, along with all the rights of the Governor-General Vegas.

The Indian representatives were quite dissatisfied with this proposal of the British and they refused to accept all these proposals of the Cripps Mission. Mahatma Gandhi took advantage of the failure of the Cripps Mission in India and demanded the British to leave India and give power in the hands of Indians.

A Way For Quit India Movement

But the British were not ready for this. After this, the Indians boycotted the British government. However, later the Congress Working Committee accepted Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas, “Gandhi’s Quit India proposal”.

However, this proposal of Mahatma Gandhi was not supported by many political parties including Muslim League, Communist Party of India, Hindu Mahasabha, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and later this movement was also severely criticized.

After this, on August 8, 1942, a meeting of the ‘All India Congress’ was held at the “Gwalia Tank” in Bombay. In this meeting, it was decided that the British would have to leave India in any case and India was able to protect itself and India would fight against the hanging and imperialism, provided India should get independence.


The claim of this mass movement of 1962 burnt all over the country. Millions of Indians sacrificed their altitude to fulfill the objective of attaining independence. We cannot forget the sacrifices of our great leaders.

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