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Punjab is the state which is in India. It is also a place where farming is at the peak of business. This is a state which always make sure that in every person in the whole country and also out of the country should consume the proper food which they grow in their farms.

Farming State

Punjab is the state which is totally dependent upon the farmers. It is a very important state for the country India because the food production to all over the country has 25% from the Punjab and Punjab is also very much close to Pakistan which was also a part of Pak Punjab before the partition.

After the partition in Punjab was separated from Pakistan and given to India in but as we all know even after the partition there were so many problems in growing crops and many other things. But Punjab has died for his farming and shown to the whole country that how capable is Punjab and how much important Punjab farmers are to the whole country.

Army Officers

Punjab is the state from which the most of the youngsters joined Army in Indian Army and most of the higher ranking officers are Punjabi. Well we don’t have any issues or any kind of problem to keep any other cast person at the top position but the dedication and hard work which the Punjabis do in Indian Army makes them reach to that kind of position and they are always trustable for our life.

Indian Army is something which is fighting for us in day and night planning to save us every day. If they stop working there will be no India existing on the world map and even the 20% of Indian Army is filled with Punjabis book comes from the state Punjab.

Homoeopathic Medicine

Punjab is the state where the homoeopathic medicines was created and today also the most of the medical councils are gathered in the state of Punjab. Punjab is one of the important states for FV medical industry because the production in Punjab of medicines are too high.

The factories and the production is a very common business for the manufacturers of medicines so if you are planning to do a business in medicines you should surely visit Punjab once so that you can have a complete knowledge of production and packaging of medicines

Once you are well aware of all the stuff you can produce your own manufacturing medicines. Punjab also has the allopathic and homoeopathic medicines too and if you also wants to work in generate medicines you can also add up Punjab into it.

Freedom Fighters

Apart from the growth to the Indian country Punjab has also given so many freedom fighters from it, which help the government to free the country.

Well no one would have forget the Shaheed Bhagat Singh he was a freedom fighter and was from Punjab and because of his efforts and dedication for our country.

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