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Population growth is one of the biggest problems of our country today, while if this problem is not controlled in time, then it will become difficult for humans to live on this earth and there will not be enough resources left to live the life of human beings, due to which they will go to starvation.

Today I am writing this essay so that today’s young generation can become aware of population growth and know about the consequences of population growth.

The Population Is The Biggest Problem Of India

Today in our country India, the ever-increasing population has become a huge problem. Due to population growth, today our country is far behind compared to other countries in terms of development.

Poverty in India is increasing due to the increasing population, the problem of unemployment is being created, business development and expansion activities are becoming slower and slower.

Not only this, all the natural resources including forests, water resources are also being drastically degraded and even more food production and distribution is proving to be inadequate against the population. Natural resources are being violated, as well as man-made resources are proving to be insufficient.

How to Control The Population

Family Planning

There is a need to spread awareness about the right methods of family planning to control the population. Every newly married couple should keep in mind the formula of a small family happy family, this will but obviously keep the population in control and also the small family could live happily with all their needs fulfilled.

Dissemination of Education

When people are educated, they will be able to rise above orthodox ideologies, understand the importance of family planning, as well as pay attention to their children’s education, etc., and will produce fewer children, so that the population can be controlled.

Changing The Conservative Mindset

Obviously, the conservative and orthodox thinking of society is promoting population growth. Even today, in many families, women are considered as the child producing machine, and people think children are the gift of god so they have to give numerous childbirth.

And due to this population increases. People should now act wise and change their mindset after seeing the problem of increasing population.

Spread Awareness

To control the ever-increasing population, it is very important to make people aware of the ill effects of population growth. For this, people should be made aware through TV, radio, street plays, etc.

Malthus’s Principle Of Pollution

Thomas Robert Malthus wrote a famous essay of principles of the population after observing the growth of the increasing population. He published this essay in the year 1798. Malthus was a political economist and a great thinker. In his essay, he has explained about the problem of population. Because of the essay, the views of many people have changed.


If concrete steps are not taken to control the population, then our country will lag behind in terms of development and the standard of living will decrease continuously.

At the same time, the government should also take strict rules and take this problem seriously. So that our country can move forward on the path of development.

Updated: March 18, 2020 — 8:02 am

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