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Education is the securing and conferring of the information form educating the adapting the special education at the school. About the social events and giving the safe house, weapons making, qualities gaining, religious ceremony, culture it is included by the most particular instructive procedures.

There Is Need For All Round Development 

The old mundane is said to the Indian education system people have no freedom to share ideas or provide the suggestion. To reform the Indian education system because it is a severe need which helps to develop smarter individuals.

On the academic, there is a primary focus of the Indian education system.

There is no focus on understanding the concept and also for enhancing the knowledge, but only the students are mugging up the lessons with the sole aim with or without understanding the meaning of it, for acquiring the right marks.

Some schools are preparing for the extra-curricular activities; hardly there is one or two class per week for these types of events.

Today There Are Increasing The Problems With The Indian Education System 

There are numerous problems in the Indian education system which hinder the proper growth as well as the development of an individual. The marketing system is a massive problem in the Indian education system.

By the way, the students perform within the three hours theoretically papers there is the intelligence of the students are a judge in spite of by seeing their overall performance in their class. Due to the great lesson they can get good marks it becomes the sole aims of students.

Beyond it, they are not able to think. Only on the theory is another problem of the Indian education system. For practical learning, there is no importance is given.

Nowadays the students are encouraged to become the bookworms, and they are prepared for handling the real problems and also for the challenges in life as the education of the Indian education system.

There are given so much importance to the academic that there is the need to involve the students in the activities of sports as well as art is to be overloaded. At every step the students are scrutinized due to exams is held regularly. Due to this, it creates stress among the students.

There Are Need To Improve The Education System 

There are many suggestions and ideas which have been shared for better improvement in the Indian education system. There are some of the ways to improve the education system in the country of India. They are as follows:

One Can Focus On Skill Development

For the Indian schools and colleges, it is the time for Indians to stop to put so much importance to their marks and ranks which are made in the schools and colleges and by this, they can focus on their skills and development.

Hiring Better Teaching Staff

The education institution in our country needs the teaching staff and engage them in fewer salaries.

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