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Controlling pollution is a very big problem for human beings. Today whatever is happening around us with our help is just because of the pollution. We should understand that pollution is killing us from inside.

Plant More Trees

There are so many days from which we can control the pollution but it totally depends upon us how we are trying to do so. Well, people are willing to do anything to control the pollution but they are not having the proper knowledge to do so.

Well, the most popular problem which we all are facing now is the air-pollution because of this air-pollution we have faced so many different problems around us. We can never understand how air pollution is making a very important role in our life. We are living just like a common man and the pollution of air is doing its work properly.

To avoid air pollution from our society we have to plant more and more trees around us. Because only the tree has the capability to inhale the carbon dioxide and exhale the oxygen. And the similar way the plans due to the polluted air they inhale the pollution the carbon of it and release the fresh air.

Clean The Water

After the air pollution, the most important pollution which we can see in our society is water pollution. We all have started using the filters for drinking water but have you ever thought that how were the olden people used to drink the water directly and stay healthy. Well the water was pure the river was clean and the people were healthy.

But today none of these things are similar the water is unfit for the rivers are dirty and the people are still unhealthy. Did we ever thought of how we could manage this all scenario in the future? The water is still polluted and the purifier machines would not be able to purify the entire water and give it to you for drinking.

One day you have to sit back and drink the polluted water. Because today we are not taking care of the river’s lack. And so on in the future, we will be dying because of the unhealthy water drinking. Who will be responsible for all this stuff it’s the humans who are making this worst scenario on the earth.

Noise Pollution

Nowadays noise pollution is also one of the most important pollutions which are killing so many people. When we heard about noise pollution it seems to be so small a thing but for few people, it is a disaster of a life. There are people who cannot tolerate the sound of car factories and many more.

This is a very big problem and it also leads several people towards death every day. Or else they are facing some other kind of problems for example heart attack hearing problems and mental stress. The sound pollution sounds very small but has very huge consequences for life.

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Updated: February 24, 2020 — 12:21 pm

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