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Plastic is been used very largely in this modern world, but there is a great effect of plastic in the environment. The plastic bag creates pollution in the environment like there is the burning of the plastic bag which creates air pollution.

We all know that plastic bag never get decompose in the soil there is the pollution of the soil due to this, there are some of the animals such as the cow, buffaloes in the search of the food they intake the plastic back and this causes the death of the cow or the serious health hazards to all the animals which are been moving in the road.

Causes Of Plastic

Easy To Use

Economically it is very much easy to use the plastic bags have it can be molded in any of the forms and it is been used in many of the sectors for every small thing there is a plastic bag. Plastic substances bags are very much lower in the cost so it is been used by many of the vendors.

Many of the plastic things are been used which has made the wastage of the plastic more this causes many of the problems to the environment only.


We can say that the plastic is the only substance which never ever get decompose in the soil or in the water. This plastic remains as it is in the soil for the hundreds of the years and then this creates the pollution factor for air, water, and the land.

Plastic Breaks But Doesn’t Dissolve

We are been in the daily use of the plastic in the day to day life, so we all know that the plastic breaks very easily but it never gets decompose. These break into very tiny particles enter the water body and there occur many of the health hazards to the ecosystem.

 Effects Of Plastic Pollution

Pollutes Water

Plastic is been somewhere enter the seas, oceans, lake, rivers and there is the pollution of the water in any of the cost, no matter the water is filtered as much time but it will never come to its form again. And this is been drink by many of the people so there are the health hazards to the people in all the ways.

Land Pollution

Many of the people throw the garbage here and there without any of the sense, this dumping of the plastic bag in the land are been taken by the air to many of the places, thus there is the released of the harmful chemicals in the air this causes many f the serious health hazards to the people only.

Harms Marine Life

There are many of the time litter done in the marine all the plastic is been thrown in the river, due to this the innocent marine life eat the plastic and there is the death of the fish.

Harms Animals

This plastic also harms the animals which are been moving along the street. In the dumping zone for the purpose of some eating, they eat the plastic, which makes the animals fall ill and this cause also the death of the innocent animals due to the harmful plastic use done by the people.

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