Essay On Plastic Pollution For Students & Children In Simple English

Plastic Pollution Causes, Effects, And Solution

Plastic pollution is the problem at the present since this has become the main problem for global warming.

As we throw the plastic bag out of the window and they are eaten by the animals in the street, and this causes the death of the animals.

As the plastic polythene bags are very dangerous because its thickness is about 0.5 micros.

This contaminates the water bodies by floating in it, the aquatic animals think that it is the food and they consume it and then the fish is consumed by the humans it indirectly goes to our body, and it affects us.

It should be banned in our country because there are many of the countries which are banned the polythene bag.

Other things like the paper get decomposed but the plastic bag never decade in the soil this later harm the organic or the human or the living health on this planet.

Many of the drainage due to the plastic bags are caused due to which the water comes out, and there is the contamination of the water. This dirty water is consumed by the animal in the street and this lead to the death of the innocent animals.

Causes of the plastic

The object of the plastic is used in every home; it is a very low cost of this plastic objects.

These plastic objects are used to keep various things like oil, ghee, yogurt, masalas and many more it is the basic use of each house. And all the food which we pack for the home is covered in the polythene bag.

All the hawkers, vendors use the polythene bag to serve the things to the people.

Due to no decompose of the plastic bag there create a lot of problem to the environment.

All the things which are kept inside the polythene bag get contaminated as the plastic bag are made up of some chemicals which pollute the things inside it, these bags are used then it is thrown outside the house from which the contamination process starts.

Effects Of Plastic Pollution

There is a side effect of the use of the polythene bags to the environment and the living component on this planet.

The greenhouse effect is also raised due to the more usage of the plastic bag. All the type of plastic materials is hazardous to human beings.

Now the study proves that plastic things will be more found that the fish and other aquatic animals in the oceans or the seas.

This amount is increased at around 100 to 1200 tones. The piece of the plastic is now spread throughout all the water bodies. This will create more problem towards the living life.

Solution To Plastic Pollution

The government of every country has to take the initial step to step out this problem of plastic pollution.

Many of the country as banned the plastic use in the country and the citizen of the country should also take the responsibility that may not use the plastic object in their home; this will help to reduce the problem of the plastic pollution.

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