Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

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Our environment is lovely, and this beauty is deteriorated by the harmful substance called plastic. The three significant pollutions, i.e., air, water, and land pollution have plastic the intermediate compound.

Some people in the world don’t know the ill effect of the plastic bag, but there are many who in spite of knowing the truth still uses the plastic bag widely and openly.

Available At A Cheaper Rate

To the every grocery shop, marts, malls, dairy shop the plastic are readily available. As it is coming in various sizes and easy to carry along with other items; in short, it depends upon the necessity, people always demand it.

At that time we think, we have received such a good bag to carry the item, but in a real sense, we are paying the beauty of our environment to buy those bags.

Plastic Cause Major Pollution

We find plastic bags, kitchenware, furniture, and many things; these plastic are made from fossil fuel namely oil and petroleum. Plastic is a material which can’t be disposed means it is a nonbiodegradable substance.

In short, if we put a bag of plastic in the soil for thousands of year, and later on when we see, we will find it in the same form. The plastic can break down into many pieces but cannot get mix with the soil. Now as it always remains in the soil, it goes deep into the landfills and leak pollutant which cause harm to the ground and water.

Toxic For Life

It is not so easy to produce plastic bags while creating it; there is a release of toxic gases which can cause the severe disease to the person who is involved in the making of plastic.

Plastic is a material which can never be disposed of in any way, even if we burn the plastic, it releases harmful gas which is very dangerous.

No To Packed Food

When the hot food is packed or wrapped in the plastic bag or pouch, it releases toxic element in the eating substance, as there is a chemical reaction of plastic after coming in contact with heat. One should immediately stop consuming these type of food, as it causes food poisoning and various internal problem.

We have heard in the use that within a few decades of year, the purity of water has declined the reason for this is plastic. Plastic as it remains forever on the land, pollute the water bodies making them unsafe for drinking.

Taking The Lives Of The Animals

As the street animals eat the food which human throws, the waste food gets mixed with the plastic and animal are consuming that food. The plastic in the food gets chocked in their neck, due to this suffocation many animals die.

Same happens with the marine life creature. People throw garbages, plastic in the water which cause severe hazards to the fishes and other water bodies creature.


Though the plastic bags are cheap and easy to carry, it takes live of human beings as well as of any creature who cannot speak about their health and status. The government has banned the plastic, but common man also should support in their way.

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